TASKI swingo 755B BMS 17in Auto Scrubber for sale

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  1. equ

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    Up for sale is a Taski Swingo 755B Automatic floor scrubber in excellent condition. The TASKI 755B BMS is a Battery-powered 17" (43cm) auto scrubber with the TASKI Battery Management System (including onboard charger) that is very easy to handle and offers maximum agility for use in confined areas. Includes 2 Gel Batteries and Standard Brush.

    Product Specifications:
    47" (120cm)
    Width: 19" (48cm)
    Length: 46" (116cm)
    Weight ready for use: 352lbs (160kg)
    Working Width: 17" (43cm)
    Cleaning Path: Squeegee Width 27" (69cm)
    Batteries: 50-70 Ah/C5, Gel
    Maximum Runtime: 2 hours
    Cleaning Rate: 13,855 sq ft/hr (1290 sq m/h)
    Turning Circle: 3' (1m)
    Sound Level: 58 dBA
    Brush Drive: 1x17" (2.5x43cm)
    Brush Pressure: 95lbs (43kg)
    Solution Tank: 11 gal (40 ltr)
    Recovery Tank: 11 gal (40 ltr)

    Equipment is ready to use as it has always been handled and maintained properly. The unit was used as a display model for an event. The unit was never actually used to clean anything. This is a high quality machine and i'm offering it at a significant discount.

    Asking price: USD$4200
    If you are interested kindly reach me via PM

    Thanks for looking.

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  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Why no photos of the machine unwrapped?
  3. equ

    equ New Member

    It was re wrapped after the display.

    Still available for sale.

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