Tarrant County Prosecutors Going After Contractors Who Don't Finish The Job

Discussion in 'Article Discussion Forum' started by Jim McClain, Nov 23, 2018.

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    In Texas' Tarrant County, they are taking a different tact on home remodelers who rip off customers. It has been standard procedure for the police to tell complainants that remodeling contractors who take money, but don't do the job is a civil problem, not a criminal problem. Apparently not anymore.

    Doesn't he know the flooring is one of the last things to go in...?

    Read the whole article here: For a change, Tarrant County prosecutors are going after home contractors who don’t finish the job | Watchdog | Dallas News

    That flooring business is just one the stories in that article. After 40+ years association with the home remodeling industry, I've heard these stories about rip-off contractors many, many times. It happened even in my small community. It made doing business and gaining the trust of my customers more challenging. I hope law enforcement and prosecutors everywhere start seeing these problems as the crimes they are and stop shrugging their shoulders and saying "civil, not criminal."
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    Sorry I can't read this as I have an add blocker. So tired of seeing adds pop in when you maybe reading an article and it takes over.


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    I thought ad blockers only block the ads on a web page, not the other content.
  4. Good! People need to be held accountable for their actions. A lot of people have to save & save to get their remodel or upgrades. To have some schmucks take your dough and disappear then have the law tell you it's a civil matter is BS.
    On the other side of the coin the people hiring these schmucks need to get with it & do their homework. My guess is the guy had the price the customer wanted to hear & they ignored all the warning signs of a shady "contractor".

    In NY we dont have any contractors licenses or anything like it. So anybody with a few hundred dollars in pocket can be an up & running business in a couple days.

    If you don't know a contractor or someone very close that you trust 100% that knows a good one then find one based on reviews & reputation. Do your homework & have common sense. Make arrangements in writing (contract) to make payments as things start getting completed. Windows & doors in, payment. Sheetrock in, finished & painted, payment. Cabinets are in & trim done, payment. NEVER pay in full!!!
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