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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Steve C, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Steve C

    Steve C Member

    Hi All-
    I am getting ready to install Tarkett Progen in my finished 4 season room and plan on leaving 1/4" gap all around the room. This room has a sliding Vinyl door leading out to a back deck, an exterior door/adjustable sill leading out to the garage, and an exterior door/adjustable sill leading into the kitchen.

    Question is, if i leave 1/4" gap in front of the doors for expansion, what do I use to cover these gaps? Quarter round? If so, i'm wondering if the quarter round will stick up too high over the adjustable thresholds in the doors between rooms?

    Thanks for any guidance- first time using LVP.
  2. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    use clear silicone

    blue tape on the flooring

    blue tape on the sill

    fill the void generously and wipe to smooth with a clean white rag (and your finger) slightly dampened with the alcohol

    pull tape within 15-20 minutes and clean with denatured alcohol

    it goes on white an dries clear overnight + or -
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  3. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Normally a reducer would go there. Door thresholds have various heights so each door decision is on individual basis, then you would coordinate if one style would be matching.
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  4. Chris 45

    Chris 45 Director of P.R. on some deserted island. I Support TFP

    You can get 1/2” or 3/8” quarter round and stain it to match. Screen molding is another option when clearance from floor to door is tight. If you have a T-mold, you can rip it in half on your table saw and now you have 2 end caps.
  5. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    Do as incognito suggested then put a quarter round over that.
  6. Steve C

    Steve C Member

    Thank you everyone for the feedback, I appreciate it.

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