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Discussion in 'High Tech Tools & Equipment Support' started by Mike Antonetti, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Got an Arlo Pro today to help me look after the property and tools.

    Bought it at BestBuy, 1k$ for six cameras.

    Gotta say I'm ecstatic about the product. Got it on an App. Can talk and listen on each camera, no wires needed to run, no monthly cost under 6 cameras. Just a smidgin of my security system, probably adding more overlays.

    Any tips on any types of security recommendations appreciated.

    Black and white is night vision

    I can tap on any camera and it will play live, wife talked to me from Daytona on it, sounds clear, and I sound clear. Authorized her to use and help me watch my tools. Has motion detector message notification also.

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    Looks nice and clear. I was thinking of going that way, especially with the no wires.
  3. The "no wires" sold me, rechargeable battery pack. My attic is pretty much inaccessible. Got an estimate from professional company for 6 cameras with dvr, complete install 2800$. Was going to put on new credit card 12 month zero interest but got declined. I read some reviews on google by someone who rates these systems.

    There were some issues with placement of cameras because of wires and reflective lights in pool screen getting picture through screen, the wireless takes that equation out completely.

    Picture could be a little clearer but overall ok.
  4. Mike, just remember to turn it off when you're home please. None of us want to see any "Mikey the Floor Guy" porn because you got hacked! :)
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  5. Got one in kitchen. I actually turned most of them off, I get like 10 text messages there's movement. Like hiding frickin eggs, not sure where they'll end up.
  6. Well, it might work to your advantage. You can use them to peek and see what the wife got you for Christmas and where she hid it at. :)

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