Surfaces 2017

Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Jon Scanlan, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Mike Sliwinski

    Mike Sliwinski The Doctor Is In Senior Member

    O-Boy ! :eek: I'm embarrassed, sorry brother, I new that, darn senior moment.:doh:

    .....How prepared are you ? .... so darn prepared that you
    skipped student and went to teacher :yesss: :cool: ;)

    Did the pin tape show up yet ?

  2. Nate Hall

    Nate Hall Types With Elbows Senior Member Published

    Yes! It showed up yesterday. Thank you.
    I am so prepared I can skip buying Preparation Hall for a while.:D
    I know you were well wishing me and the thought outweighs the words in this case...

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