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    I just received a PM from a new member who has begun to participate pretty regularly. When a new member joins, the default option to subscribe to topics they participate has been pre-selected. I have changed that as of today. This will explain how to modify your user options to either remove subscriptions from topics, or add subscriptions to topics.

    How To Unsubscribe

    You will find that in your userCP, when you click on the menu item, Edit Options. Click the menu drop-down to select your preferred option, then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of that page.

    There are ways to unsubscribe from individual topics too, and still leave other topics subscribed to. One is to follow the link to the topic you receive a subscription notice about. At the top of the topic, there is a drop-down menu of Topic Tools. Click that and select the option to unsubscribe.

    Another way to unsubscribe presents itself when you are composing a reply or a new topic in the message editor. Below the message editor box, there is another box for Additional Options. You'll see the drop-down menu for Topic Subscription Notification Type. Select the do not subscribe option. You can also select an option that allows you to subscribe, but without the email notification.

    Visiting your UserCP will show you all the subscribed topics that have had new replies since your last visit. There is a link below that list that allows you to see the complete list of all topics you are subscribed to.

    Put a check mark in the small white box to the right of each topic you wish to unsubscribe from (if you click the small white box in the upper-right corner of the list of topics, it will select or unselect all the boxes on the page), then select your preferred option from the menu drop-down to delete your subscription, or change the type of notification.

    How To Subscribe
    You can subscribe to topics just as easily as unsubscribe. You do not have to participate in a topic to subscribe to it. You can choose the method of notification too.

    In the topic you wish to subscribe to:

    In the message editor of a new topic or a reply:

    And in your User CP Edit Options:

    If you have any questions or problems with subscriptions, please let me know.


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