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    The stained concrete is not related in any way to anything involved with stripping, cleaning and waxing the old tiles. I know this because the discoloration occurs UNDER the old cutback glue and not so much on top. So we do see some evidence of the degradation of the integrity of the concrete through the old adhesive. But it's nothing compared to what's seen after the adhesives are removed chemically or mechanically.

    So here's what I'm saying Mike. I've got two. But I'm willing to bet the left one that the alkaline salts leeching UP through the slab are what causes those 9" x 9" stains in..............every MF slab I see after demo, scrape-away and shot blasting.

    I'll keep that 2nd unit in reserve because I could be wrong but.............I'm not.
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  2. So you see more of the concrete blasted away (degraded)in the stained areas near the edges of the tile?

    I wouldn’t bet those, my urologist says surgery will create excessive swelling by removal.

    Cutback is permeable although very low @ consistent 1/16” thick. I doubt there is continuous cutback uniformly applied at any given thickness other than flat troweled or where the notch bottom rides the slab. The cutback may not be affected but the chemicals may react with the Portland.
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  3. So I was wondering how you bet your left one. If someone should win how do they get it? You would pay for surgery? What would one do with it? Put it on black market? In a jar as a showpiece meaning you would have to be baddest ass gambler in the world. Would someone need that transplant? What if he had a left one, could they put in two lefts? He would be bad ass too. If betting a woman does she bet an ovary. I’m just curious about all the complications that body part gambling entails along with governmental regulations.
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    Awesome install!
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  5. Funny concept. My son had his tonsils & adenoids removed & I asked the dr if we could have them in a jar to take home (as promised to me when I had them done in the early 80's). It was a no go then & now an absolute no go as the dr looked at me like I was crazy! (Young DR). Crazy to think that was once acceptable to bring home bio hazardous materials in a jar, lol.
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    I had mine. Some even had their appendix. Do you even get your teeth anymore if a Dentist pulls it for the tooth fairy?


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