Spilled detergent on cork floor

Discussion in 'Cork Flooring Q&A' started by Corky, May 19, 2017.

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    In our cork-floored laundry room, a large bottle of liquid laundry detergent got spilled, with much of it seeping under a permanently installed cabinet and stacked front-loading washer/dryer.

    The floor was sealed when installed, six years ago. Looking around the web, it seems important to soak up the moisture soon, but we will not be able to for some time, nor do I see any easy way to do so. Is the floor in serious jeopardy?

    The stacked washer has space underneath it for paper towels etc, of course, but the permanent cabinet (installed after the floor) only has a paper-thin gap underneath a flat bottom (the countertop atop it is cantilevered into the wall).

    For now I have paper towels around the edge of the cabinet and wadded up under the washer, hopefully soaking up some of the detergent overnight, but I wonder about the thick viscosity of the stuff...how to pull all the moisture out of those small spaces?
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    Not much can fit under appliances, it would have to be flat, thin. I looked around briefly, I have a 2" wide flat bar 3ft long that I would put a towel overlapped the bar to slide under machine, forcing the towel flattened underneath to absorb the excess. Under a cabinet, that's extremely difficult.

    Dwell time is not got for stains, most products are permeable, so sealers still allow vapor to pass thru though very restricted. I'd say it may stain/darken that area.
  3. What's done is done. This is why you have a glue down cork floor in a laundry room - so that it can handle this type of event. Unless you want to rip out the cabinets, clean it up and then reinstall the cabs, there isn't much you can do.

    And in the future, most people can't "save" the flooring underneath permanent cabinets (especially cork) because of the colour difference. Cork fades heavily and quickly. The darker foot-print/outline where the cabinets sit would take a few years to get rid of/fade out to the rest of the flooring's colour.

    I would treat this like a ceramic tile floor - ignore it. There isn't much to be done. Clean what you can and keep going. When you rip out the cabinets in a few decades, you can decide what to do for it at that time.
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