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    Everyone is coming out with Stone Polymer Core LVP it seems. Shaw, TAS, EF, to name a few. I heard this product has been around for some time in the form of DuraCeramic but never made with plank images before.

    So far I have been impressed with the quality. Extremely dense, does not dent. The installers do not love it because the material is not flexible at all so hallways and tight spaces are difficult. Also, even though it has a high PSI, the click mechanism is a bit brittle and chips easily if you are too rough. This ruins the plank most of the time.

    Anyway, just wanted to start a discussion on what I believe is the new market trend of LVP. Would love to hear others thoughts about product and installation.
  2. whatiscarpet

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    And right after i post this i see that someone else posted an identical topic on OCt. 31st. Oops
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