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    I am looking at installing new flooring in a property that is on the beach.
    Everyone is swearing by the current LVT lines that are out, but the more I read about them, they seem to be somewhat fickle especially in sunlight etc, and this property gets a lot of direct sunlight.

    I was told today about SPC, which is an upgrade on the the current LVP/LVT flooring available.

    This seems to be REALLY new, as a quick search of this forum only turned up 2 posts, and most google searches are bringing up results from only the last 2 months. I am hearing it is much more stable than the LVP, but maybe there just hasnt been enough installed/enough time for the claims to roll back in?

    Does anyone here have any input on this type of floor?

    Wasn't sure if this was the correct sub-forum, but it appears this is a variant on LVT. Please forgive if its posted incorrectly.
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  2. SPC is a bit of "proprietary" term used by a Chinese manufacturer of rigid core LVT. The WPC (Water Proof Core)/Rigid core product is a variant of LVT that is meant to combine the best aspects of laminate flooring (rigidity and durability) with the best aspects of LVT (Appearance, clean-ability, topical moisture resistance).

    The WPC / Rigid core format of LVT has been on the market now for about 3 years. It's proving to be extremely durable and less problematic to the floating versions of LVT.

    The SPC is a twist on the composite vinyl core that many manufacturers are using in that it incorporates limestone dust into the mix. This isn't really anything new to the industry as limestone dust has been used for decades in the manufacture VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) - the 12" x 12" waxed tile you see in most surpermarkets, walmarts, targets, etc. It's a stable and cheap filler that binds well with vinyl. It's a way to make their product stand out from a crowded field of other good products. In my opinion more of a marketing thing than a huge benefit in performance.
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