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    My thought was to try to de-tune the oven the sun creates.
  2. Insulating is an extreme science, I read a whole bunch of concepts and methods companies are implementing and then climate control in the spaces. Then the metal/paint has to be considered. I rolled elastomeric on my trailer helped a lot for reducing heat transfer.

    Radiant barriers (foil), spray Urethane, air chambers for other types, etc. if you don’t fully understand moisture movement and control many people create problems versus solving them, I’m one that in the past and future to think I’m doing good only to find out I did something wrong, like closing in a garage turning into bedroom ended up with wood rot and I assume water behind a wall.

    Adjustable, what if you want to “use” the heat from sunlight in winter. There’s a lot of new ideas, we’ll see if they reach the market.

    I would spray Urethane (now we’re talking about Flammability and harmful gases)

    For the tackstrip I put them in golf bag shipping cases, wanted to put in a diamond plate tool case but they wouldn’t fit, probably mark up flooring set on anyway.
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  3. Here’s one in my hood. Kinda short for a flooring van. “The Best, or Nothing” slogan is a crock of crap, MB doesn’t make top ratings.

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    "We only works on floors"... yeah, they don't even work on English. :blink:
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