Smartstrand or Stainmaster?

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Bertz3, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Bertz3

    Bertz3 Member

    I am a consumer, trying to do research on carpet fibers. I am purchasing carpeting for an office and family room and was looking up reviews doing a google search on smartstrand. I have selected a anso caress nylon for the remainder of the house. I wanted a carpet with multicolors, but not a berber as I have 3 small dogs. I love this Mohawk elite frieze carpet, but I am not sure if a stain master carpet would be better or not.

    Thanks to all for a very informative site.
  2. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    Smartstrand is a nice fiber, soft, very cleanable for stains.
    Stainmaster/ANSO Nylons are not as soft typically (you're walking on it) but they take SOILING much better than a polymer type fiber as Sorona Smartstrand.
    Also Nylon has a higher melting point, so if you have heavy, heavy traffic it might hold up longer. Where as the Sorona MIGHT be more prone to crushing and matting due to a lower melting point.
  3. Bertz3

    Bertz3 Member

    Thank You

    Thanks Ortiz for your reply. I have selected an Anso Caress carpet for the main part of the house and am looking for a multi-color cut-loop product for the family room and office (Sandy HollowII 48.8 oz FW, 3137 density).

    I really need to have a carpet that is 15-ft in width so now it appears that most stainmaster is out of the question. I saw the following patterns online:

    Seeds of Comfort/Shaw 15' Stainmaster XLive Tactesse (40 oz FW)
    Beyond Chic/15' Anso Caress 55oz FW
    Everyday Life II/15' Shaw Evertouch BCF Nylon (56.6 FW)

    Any comments on those carpets or fibers??

  4. stullis

    stullis Charter Member Senior Member

    1st two are good. Not really a big fan of the Evertouch
  5. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

  6. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    seeds of comfort is a nice cut and loop basket weave almost styling, it's also called mirabeaux 2. I've sold alot of that, in fact my parents have it in black in their basement .
    Great style for a home office/family room imo
  7. Bertz3

    Bertz3 Member

    Need 15 ft width

    I'm so frustrated looking for carpet. I found a beautiful ANSO caress for the main part of the house, steps and bedrooms. Now I am looking for a multi-color carpet for the FR and office. Ortiz doesn't seem to like Evertouch but it's the only carpet I can find so far. I sent a note to Shaw asking them for a list of the nylon carpets that they feel in 15-ft widths and they directed me to the dealer because they do not have a search engine to look for carpet width --what fabulous customer service - NOT! I would prefer a stainmaster luxurell but can only find in 12-ft widths. A 12-ft carpet would put a seam by the sofa where we put our feet and I don't think this is a good option.

    Any ideas anyone? I can't really have a loop or berber carpet as my dog has pulled on the current carpet and created a run--don't want to take the chance.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Any reason the seam couldn't be put on the other side of the room or across the room for that matter. Seams shouldn't be but a fine line at most, not something that jumps up and waves at you hollering here I am! If it was me I'd pick out the product I liked no matter what width it comes in, it may even work out to less yardage and a savings.

  9. Ben

    Ben Pro Member

    With the kind of products you're looking at you will never see or feel a seam so I wouldn't let the meager selection in 15' goods sway the decision. I have Smartstrand in my house- lives up to it's reputation. Easy to clean and the softest thing out there.
  10. Bertz3

    Bertz3 Member

    thx for replies

    Thanks for your comments. We can't put the seam on the other side as it is the main walkway into the room and butts up to the hardwood floor in the hallway. I guess I was concerned about dirt collecting near the seam as it does now in our room, however, the current carpet is a crappy berber (probably olefin).

    BTW, I wrote Shaw to see if they could tell me what carpets they have in a 15-ft width. They replied that they had 20,000 carpets and did not have a search engine to retrieve carpet by width; that I should contact my local dealer. That is really poor customer service. No wonder there is confusion out there.

    I also have to comment on Shaw's advertising. Notice how the consumer is always a "she" (the merry homemaker). I thought we had progressed since the 60s and 70s.
  11. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

  12. FlooringGirl

    FlooringGirl Senior Member

    Excellent! Curious why Shaw wasn't able to do that? Oh yeah, as in any business, you talk to people in a call center who don't know or understand. Really. They can't even get what you mean sometimes by "15'" or "search for 15' options". It's not their fault. They do what they're trained to do.

    If you go to a specialist retailer, with trained people, who have been around for a while, they will get you these answers.

  13. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Well, because I don't work for Shaw. ;) I work for you and all other TFP members and visitors. :D
  14. FlooringGirl

    FlooringGirl Senior Member

    And, we appreciate it! :)

  15. Bertz3

    Bertz3 Member

    Thx to All

    My experience has been frustrating thus far. I have gotten estimates from 3 small, long-established companies and one big box store. All came out to measure and there is a 53-yard discrepancy among the measurements. That seems like a lot to me, especially when I am purchasing somewhere between 250 and 303 yards of carpet (and at a dear price--just under $40/sq yd installed). I asked for nylon at one store and was pressured to purchase polyester--probably because that was more profit for them. Anyway, I am particular about what I want. I have dogs so can't have loop carpeting. I am satisfied with my selection for the main house and am trying to finalize the family room. I would love to have a high-quality frieze, but will settle for a multicolor textured nylon carpet. There are not too many choices left in 15-ft wide carpet which will provide the best scenario for the seams. Seams may not be a big deal, but in my opinion, the fewer seams the better.

    Thanks for the search and your expert help!!!
  16. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    A 53sy difference is a lot, but you have given us precious little information. No diagram, no room sizes, no product selected information.

    Although too many seams is not a good thing, having a seam or two more than expected is not always a bad thing. It depends on the direction and layout of the material. It's possible to have the fewest seams and be the wrong direction or layout. Or have the material laid in the right direction, with an optimal layout regarding traffic and aesthetics that requires a seam or two more. If done correctly, seams won't be noticeable and will be at least as strong as the rest of the carpet.

    When discussing your desires with the dealer, always tell them what you want. If you have to remind them you want nylon instead of poly, then do so. Of course a retailer will want to sell you something that will provide them with the highest return on their investment. But a good retailer wants a satisfied customer. Sometimes that means suggesting products that you hadn't considered.

    I had a lot of customers that came in knowing what they wanted. But that was not always what they needed. I even had some who had bad experiences with poorly installed materials before and felt the best way to avoid that was to get wider materials or something that might hide one problem or another. I was usually able to assure them, the best way to avoid those problems was to have the job done right. Sometimes the right way costs more.

    Fifteen-foot goods may not be the answer to your issues. If you are planning to have the carpet installed by an inexperienced and unqualified installer or are going to skip all maintenance recommendations by the manufacturer, then perhaps 15' goods will help alleviate some issues, but certainly not all. My suggestion is to ask the installer for references (and check them out) and take good care of the carpet you choose.

  17. FlooringGirl

    FlooringGirl Senior Member

    I wish you'd give us a diagram of your space so we can lay it out for you and tell how much you really need. I'm pretty good at this. Consider myself to be a layout expert, truth be told..

    Completely agree with Jim, you need to make sure you secure a quality installation, as that is the majority of success on a carpet. We can lay a low-end (rentals) and with good pad and installation, it will do well. The nicer pieces, it's all in the way it's laid and seamed. Shoot, I've been selling lots of patterns, much to the chagrin of my installers, but they put them together very nicely. Frieze? Thinking I could even seam that and make it look okay. Having seen it done thousands of times. Stretching properly is your main issue.

  18. Ben

    Ben Pro Member

    15' goods are for manufactured homes because they are 15' wide. You will not see seams if carpet is properly installed. You will never know they are there. There is no reason to limit yourself to 15' options. I'm willing to bet that you're going to generate a lot of waste with 15' goods.
  19. R.K

    R.K Pro Member

    Perhaps...But "she" still makes the decision on carpet. Overwhelmingly so..

    Shaw just knows their customer. (they all do)
  20. Bertz3

    Bertz3 Member

    I will provide a diagram. Thanks again for your comments. R.K. -- lol -- I guess you are right!

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