Sheet Vinyl outside under sun 90° equals seam?

Discussion in 'Vinyl & Rubber Flooring Sales and Installations' started by MFloor, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. MFloor

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    Mannington LVS says it need between 65 max 85 for 48 before, and after install.
    Normally i would have not installed it after being outside like that, but nobody wanted to hear that, and i gambled.
    Had a 4-5 ft seam in a kitchen/ DR w a bar, with a pattern match, didnt turn out to good,
    didnt line up good enough to really do much other then butcher it.

    i figured i would just find the pattern and saddle seam the whole mess. would not be perfect, but what seam every reallly is.

    Just wondering if, since i never saw it after that, would the vinyl be sure to pull away from the seam as it cold, or just maybe.

    Had an issue with vinyl out in the cold that pull away from the seam after awhile, just not to sure about the heat.

    Old school 2 part seam sealer, not the new glue in a bottle
  2. Chris 45

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    You gotta be careful with laying sheet goods out in the sun on a hot day. Gets limp and stretchy then it wants to shrink when brought inside. I don’t like it one bit. I learned that lesson when I patterned a shot of cove marmo in the summer sun. My corners didn’t stay tight for much longer than 20 minutes
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  3. MFloor

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    thanks for the advice, or backing my thoughts so to speak. Always good to double check myself, lol.
    As for the sun and sheet vinyl, i actually somehow after doing this thousands of time before, unrolled about a 12x35 roll in a front yard, it was hot as hell, but nothing to crazy, and it was only unrolled for a few mins. Came back the next day to a 12x35 brown dead spot in the grass. Holy shit, blew my mind. Had to be some chemical on the vinyl. Good thing the home owner had wild chickens, and a scrap yard behind his house.
  4. seamsealer

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    We had an inground pool and the cover was 20x40 and when removed in the spring, it needed to be cleaned and dried before storing it away for the summer. We would lay that on the lawn, but not for too long, as you said, the intense heat under that cover with the sun on it can damage the grass. Glad I don't have to deal with that anymore.

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