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    First post here - thanks in advance for any help.

    We'd appreciate advice on recommended carpet face weight. We're considering Shaw Enduring Comfort; about 100 yds for family room and bedrooms. We're not terribly hard on carpet; two adults, no kids, one dog.

    The only available Specs so far are:

    100% NYLON
    FACE WEIGHT 29.2, 39, or 48.8 oz
    Link here: enduring comfort i e0341 - taffeta Carpet & Carpeting: Berber, Texture & more

    Dealer is recommending the lightest of the three weights (29 oz) installed over 1/2" 8# pad. He advises it's easier to keep clean and says we don't need the denser carpet. But most of the advice I've gotten so far was to not go less than 35 oz for a decent residential carpet.

    Thoughts on face weight or on this specific carpet would be appreciated. Thx
  2. Florida Floor guy

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    In my opinion ( and I don't know everything but I have seen a lot.) People put too much glory in the face weight of carpet. Things I look for is the type of backing, the material the yarn is made of, it should a continuous fiber(not stapled), how many twist are in the yarn and how tight are those twist, and finally what kind of warranty does the manufacturer provide? Also it should be installed per manufacturers requirements or they will not warranty it. As far as face weight goes, as long as it feels good to you it's good. My point is face weight is only a small factor in the construction of carpet. I hope this helps.
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  3. Daris Mulkin

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    As an installer we could give a fat rats butt what is on the face. Our concern is what the backing is and how to work with it. Face weight or any of the other stuff should have no bearing on how it is installed.



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