Several Questions About Laying PergoXP

Discussion in 'Laminate Flooring Q&A' started by neoncrazy101, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. neoncrazy101

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    Hello all, we are getting ready to start tearing down our main floor (living room, dining room, family room, kitchen) to lay down PergoXP (10mm with underlayment attached).

    First question: Our rooms are separated by doorways that are 34-38" wide. I would love to have the look of the flooring to be seamless from room to room but I was reading that any doorway under 48" requires a transition strip. Is that really required or is there a way around it to get a seamless look? The way my wife wants the flooring to look the boards are going to be going parallel through the doorways.

    Second Question: Our house is somewhere between 120-140 years old with a basement. Our floors are not level. Unsure how far off they are until we remove the carpeting and the old broken cheap laminate that the previous owners installed, but they all roll towards the downstairs staircase in the middle of the house (dinning room to the left of the case, family room to the right and the living room facing it) We can only do one room at a time due to my work schedule and we have little kids so whole house can't be a construction zone for weeks on end. Can leveling be accomplished one room at a time or does it really need to be done all at once? I've already inspected the joists from the basement and didn't see any cracks or anything in the joists.
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    Sounds like my house, need to raise something or lower something under the floor. I jacked my one corner up almost 2" to get it close. The laminate needs flat, not level so whatever you can live with determines what you do. As far as doorways I would undercut the jams and just make sure you have expansion space everywhere and not put transitions in.

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