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    My brother in law is looking at buying a self propelled scraper. The Taylor 464R seams to be the cheapest. Anyone have any experience with those or say the National 5280? Better yet would would you guys recommend without breaking the bank?
  2. I wouldn’t buy a Taylor anything. I sold a used 6280HD for 2500$ and that took 6 months. I wouldn’t sell the one I have now for 5,

    The 52,& 6280 does not have a swivel. The HD does, helps when Floor is not flat.

    That said they are really only good for vinyl, some adhesive scraping. Not hardwood or ceramic.

    The new 6280HD are a bit bigger but 12 k is tooo much for it. I am always looking for any demo equipment, spent about 3 hrs today looking.

    Here's a 6280, maybe 8 yrs old. Worth to me @ 1800$

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  3. Darren Ramey

    Darren Ramey Charter Member I Support TFP

    He went with the national 5280, he found one local and wanted to use it this weekend. Today we (mostly him and a helper) pulled up about 700 yards of carpet tile, unitary and Lees back with the old green glue. It was all stuck hard. It would have taken several back braking days by hand. With the machine, John was scraping it off the floor faster than the help could cart it out side.

    We should have went in on one of these things years ago. I’ve got a National puller it’s just useless on carpet tile and unitary.

    We rented the bigger version of the National a few years ago at $500 a day and it was a beast. I pulled something in my wrist loading it back on the van and can still feel it. I’m sure it can do more than the 5280 but I think this will fit our needs just fine and be much easier to load.

    We’re going to make up some ramps and maybe get a nice power inverter with enough juice to get it up into the van.
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  4. An inverter won’t do it unless its a beast inverter with giant batteries.

    I got a hematuria pushing mine up ramp, now I’ll only plug it in. I use a generator to run it up ramp when no power available.

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