Saskatchewan/Alberta work?

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  1. Carl.C

    Carl.C Pro Member

    Anyone know of any contacts out in Saskatchewan or Alberta for steady work with sheet vinyl/marmot etc? Nothing happening here in Ontario really, all the big jobs are union and I may have to rejoin to get steady work. Yardage pay is the same or less than when I started 27 yrs ago. Nobody cares about quality just how cheap you can do it for. Would appreciate any info. Any questions feel free to email me or check my company site for qualifications.

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  2. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Hey Carl,

    My hubby and I came West from Toronto after the HST in '10. We did 3 months in Saskatchewan (what an odious place), then booked it back to Winnipeg. Have only seen one good installer here, they are all cowboys who think they know it all ~ just when we think that we've seen ultimate stupid, we find something even stupider. We are doing just fine here.

    If you are going to Sask, then limit yourself to Regina. The rates are good, and anywhere else in the province you will do alot of travelling.

    We hear Alberta is busy, and their rates are good, and installers are better qualified there.

    The further north you go, the better the rates. Don't go to Fort Mac, you won't like it.

    Good luck.

  3. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Good hunting in those places though.
  4. Carl.C

    Carl.C Pro Member

    Well just any work out west in general, where ever there is work. Yes the HST added 13% increase in installation but not for us just for the government. Then this year we got hit with mandatory Workman's compensation which takes another 7.5% of our pay. Before as an independent contractor you could get a clearance certificate not requiring it and you could go with private insurance. Cheaper and full coverage 100% like your mortgage etc. Just getting harder to keep up with undercutting and government screwing us.
  5. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Been there, done it, Carl. We are sorry to hear about more repression there. We have no intention of coming back to Ontario.
    WCB is now standard across Canada, and although it feels like a money grab, here in the West, it's to protect workers from employers who don't take safety seriously (kinda like Bangla Desh). We have to attend safety meetings every payday, but they are in place to make sure that everyone takes steps to protect themselves. Sure, Dave and I are grandfathered and probably skip more meetings than we go to, but we are following the rules. Fire extiguisher, first aid kit, safety glasses, hearing protection, we have those, but we both refuse to have safety vests (yellow-X, remember what we called those guys wearing them on work crews in Ontario).
    The good news is that anywhere you go west of the Manitoba border, you are going to do better than you are there.
    Feel free to PM us if you would like to continue this conversation off the forum.
    We are swamped right now, and I don't necessarily check emails daily, but I'll get to it.
    Deb (& Dave)
  6. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Just a follow-up; we hooked Carl up with the commercial manager of the shop we crew for. Looks like he will see about a 300% increase in the rates here compared to what is now being offered in Toronto. That market continues to collapse on itself. Thank God we left when we did.
  7. dontoronto

    dontoronto Apprentice ~ Floorcovering

    2013 i survivored, 2015 from late June up to now

    2013 i survivored (almost a year excludied the RED HOT SUMMER),
    2015 from late June up to now..........

    NO work at all
    Toronto GTA area
  8. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Sorry to hear that, Don.

    The only installer buddy we have left still living in Ontario (and a member here) has been out of the trade for a couple of years because of the market. He is now the maintenance manager for a hotel in Durham region.

    After 5 winters in Winnipeg, we bailed to the West Coast. Many of the BC installers who went to Alberta during the boom came back here this year with the near-collapse of the oil market. Actually, not just installers, but many trades have come back ~ there are Alberta plates all over the Island.

    If you insist on staying there, either cut your rates to compete (last I heard, tac & pad was worth just over $2/yard) or find something else to do.

    Good luck.
  9. dontoronto

    dontoronto Apprentice ~ Floorcovering

    back to work and WORKED continually for almost 14 months!

    met the Union Representative DM
    what he says were STILL having 50 guys (Journeymen and apprentices) in the OUT-of-Work list
    Hey it is NOT included those working somewhere else!!

    BAD Badbad
  10. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    We won't be going back. No plans to ever leave the Island.
    Not easy here either, it's our skill that keeps us working.
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  11. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    No wonder they only use kickers to install carpet with, they can't make a living.
  12. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor Senior Member

    $2 a yard? You pretty much have to be a fool to work for that in this industry. You can make your $10 an hr a lot easier than carpet installation
  13. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Tract homes here pay $.20 per foot, using low paid off shore labor. Retail work is $.40 but no up or extras for TU or furniture moving.

    Hard to fathom how guys can make a living!
  14. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor Senior Member

    They're not making a living, we get twice that.
  15. Chris 45

    Chris 45 Director of P.R. on some deserted island. I Support TFP

    Did the oil boom help boost the rates in your area?
  16. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    I think the highest rates in Canada are in Saskatchewan, but who the hell wants to work THERE?

    The rates here on the Island are nearly as high. Most installers are over 40. There are few young guys getting into the trade. A national installer supply house opened here in November and had a bbq to celebrate ~ old guys, as far as you could see. LOL. Dave has actually met up with a guy he crewed for when he first started the trade 39 years ago. Joe went strictly commercial and is planning to retire this year.

    Having said that, we hear that they are screaming for good installers up the Island, but it's very seasonal and not really worth the drive.
  17. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor Senior Member

    In a round a bout way it gave us more work but not higher rates. We are about 8 hrs away from the oil business, if not more. Seattle is the same distance. It's w big state. The guys that stuck out the hard times are doing better than those that wrnt to North Dakota
  18. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    My 35 year reputation and quality make me more than the going rate.
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