Reviews of Mohawk Smartstrand Triexta Carpet

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by DIYguyFL, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. DIYguyFL

    DIYguyFL New Member

    If it's durability & carpet looking newer longer you are concerned about, than SmartStrand should be up near the top of your list!

    The Triexta fiber is nothing short of revolutionary. It has ZERO topically-applied stain protection leaving it soft to the touch while the actual stain resistance is engineered in the fiber structure itself. The stain never fades or washes off and takes only warm water extraction to clean.

    Durability-wise, you will not find another carpet that can live up to SmartStrand's durability. The spring-coil structure of the Triexta fiber resists crushing and wear better than any other carpet on the market. Who else would subject their carpet to a Rhino and then an entire zoo??

    I've seen reviews regarding folks who have been using non-CRI approved vacuums on SmartStrand's premium Silk line, but that goes back to consumers not properly using vacuums. SmartStrand carpet will take care of your stairs perfectly!
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  2. jdo52

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    review of Mohawk Smartstrand Triexta Carpet

    As promised, I want to let you know what I think of my new carpet.

    Mohawk, Smartstrand, 3650 density, twist of 5.5, face weight 70. I LOVE this carpet. It is so soft, I love putting my feet down on it first thing in the morning.

    Some complained that it is so soft it would show traffic patterns, I don't have that problem. It always looks great.

    Per someone here I took your advice and I vacuum with a shop-vac that has a Hepa filter, it works great even on pet hair (2 boxers and a lab) I should have done this years ago with my old carpet. Maybe it would have saved wear and tear on it. Time will tell with my new carpet.

    I've had a few minor spills that cleaned up perfectly.

    I am very happy with my decision for this carpet over nylon. I highly recommend it so far.

    thanks for all your input here. Take care. I'll check back in in a year to give another update.
  3. akh

    akh New Member


    Just wondered if you're still happy with your Smartstrand Triexta carpet, jdo52. Thanks!
  4. jdo52

    jdo52 Member

    Still happy with Triexta

    Yes! I am still very happy with my carpet. It looks and feels exactly like it did the day it was installed. We have 3 big dogs, and a lot of traffic. I use a shop vac with a Hepa filter and I couldn't be happier with the carpet. I highly recommend it. :)
  5. akh

    akh New Member

    I'm so happy to hear that and thanks so much for providing that feedback on your SmartStrand! Take care!
  6. FloorDoc

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    I've sent several cutting of uninstalled smart strand to an ASTM testing lab. On the stain release test, (aka the red food dye test), it passes hands down. On the common soil resistance test it fails, the fiber is similar to Olefin in that it is Olephylic, dry cleaning products like Host actually do better for removing soils in traffic lanes. As a petroleum by product however, oils from asphalt driveways are easily transferred.
  7. Jay Thomas

    Jay Thomas Member

    FloorDoc, what carpet passes your tests for everyday traffic dirt?

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