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    Saturday I'm registered for this training. Not only is it "free" to me and the other 6 guys attending from my shop but I will get paid a minimum of 4 hours------OT because it's on Saturday.

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  2. Industrial Hygienists were the only ones authorized to fit respirators in the Navy. I got fitted for battery charging forklifts.

    Chemical and biological masks were kinda the same,s,m,l.

    Voids do not have sufficient oxygen levels, so death will occur.

    I prefer "adequate ventilation" verse having to wear respirator, though the 3M 7200 series are my preferred mask, it's what I purchased for my own use in Navy, I bought a lot of stuff where I always use to hear about budget BS.
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    I can't imagine what they could teach that would be worth paying a guy 4 hours OT. Learned the importance of proper mask fit and donning in a gas chamber. Oh, what fun!

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