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    This how-to is for those who are not familiar with the various ways you can reply to a topic. Whether you want to add your [​IMG] in your own special way, want to quote what someone else said to make your comments more relevant, wish to quote several people in the same reply to cover many points or just want to post a quick and easy reply - this will help you do just that.

    I'll illustrate this how-to with graphics and code. Be sure to click any of the images to see them full-size. Keep in mind that even when the style and design of the site changes, the concepts and directions do not. If newer versions of the forum software add features or change the functions, I will update this how-to.


    There are 4 separate and distinct ways to reply to a topic. The image below shows the 4 graphics you can click to activate your method of choice. At the top and bottom left of each page of a topic is a large graphic we call the "Post Reply" button. In each message of the topic, in the lower right corner, is a row of graphics. Left to right they are the "Quote" button, the "Multi-Quote" button and the "Quick Reply" button.


    Post Reply
    If you click the big Post Reply button, you'll get either the Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls or the Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG editing (you can change these at the bottom of your User CP Edit Options page). The editor will look something like this:


    You have a number of icons and options at your disposal. You are able to decorate your posts and format them very easily. One too little used icon is the List icon (actually, there are 2 - one for a button list and one for a numbered list). You can also use different fonts, colors, sizes and some of the icons will guide you in making links or posting pictures you have on your computer or found on the internet. Using these features can help to convey your thoughts and ideas in a legible and professional manner, but the over-use of some of these makes posts difficult to read. That's why I always encourage people to proof read their posts by clicking the Preview Post button in the message editor - see what it looks like and if the sentences make sense.


    Quote Message
    If you wish to quote all or part of a message someone else left in the topic, you click the Quote button, as shown above, in the message you want to quote. So, if you want to quote what Joe Blow said in his message, go to his message and click the big Quote button. The message editor will open with all of Joe's message already in the editor - but it has special code at the beginning and the end of it that makes it appear in that cool way you see below.

    This is what it looked like in the editor:


    The important part, the code, cannot be altered or the quote will be broken. The code consists of these characters at the begging and end of the quoted message: [noparse]
    [/noparse] - it's not case sensitive. Everything else between this code can be edited. Just edit the text of the quote, which usually means taking out the part that is irrelevant to the conversation. But be careful not to remove the code. The most common mistake is removing one of the square brackets in the code. When you do it right, it looks like this:
    When you make a mistake, like accidentally removing the first square bracket of the end quote code, it will look like this:

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  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    One problem I have seen frequently is a quoted message with the reply embedded inside the quote. You can easily separate your reply comments from the quoted message simply by manually adding the [noparse]
    [/noparse] code to the parts of the quoted message. Just keep in mind that a quote includes [noparse]
    [/noparse] at the end of it. You can have as many quoted sections of a post as you want, with your replies to each part after each [noparse][/quote][/noparse].

    If you put your reply inside of a quote, the next person cannot quote you. It also makes it difficult to read, even if you use methods like colored text to separate your comments from the quoted text - and that isn't any easier than doing it right. In the message editor, separating blocks of text to quote is as easy as highlighting the text (click and drag), then click the quote button in the editor toolbar ([​IMG]).


  3. Elmer Fudd

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    Ya, I screwed up!!

    So fire me!!:rolleyes:
  4. cproader

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  5. Jim McClain

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    Just trying to help everyone. Lots of members do the same thing. I wasn't pickin' on you. :ohno:
  6. cproader

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    :eek:.........I was..........:poke:
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    Can't fire a slave.:D
  8. Elmer Fudd

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    Now Boys, play nice!!
  9. JustWood

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    Thanks. I had tried the multi-quote option last week and couldn't for the life of me figure it out. I gave up and just manually did the quoting. Directions are good sometimes. :p
  10. Jim McClain

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    Most common mistake when quoting part of a message

    I see this problem a lot and thought I would talk about it here instead of telling individual members about it in their discussions. The most common mistake when quoting part of a message is not proof reading - you should be looking for proper quote tags.

    This is what the quote tags look like in the message editor when they include the person's name:


    You can also use the tags without the name:


    A complete tag is essential - it must have both square brackets in the beginning tag and the ending tag: [noparse][/noparse] (that's right, you can use upper or lower case). This is what the quote will look like if you do it right:

    This is what it looks like when you DON'T do it right (and I know you've seen it before):


    Even if you miss it when you proof read your message, you will see the problem when you post your message. It's very easy to fix. Edit your message and add the missing square bracket to the quote. In this case, the ] bracket is missing between the 9 and the I in the first one and between the E and the I in the second one.

    Using the quote tags properly makes your message so much easier to read and has the added benefit of making you look good too. That guy really knows how to format a message. :yesss: I like to read his messages. :yesss:

    Just trying to help in my own anal way. :shifty:


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