Removing Large quantity of Cutback Adhesive Efficiently

Discussion in 'Floor Preparation' started by Mike Antonetti, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Bidding on removing 10k ft of cutback from vct removal done by diy. I picked up their pry bar and the vct fell off the floor so easy. The thin layer of cutback is slowing the diamonds down to reach the slab. I talked to Jon Don and they recommend the Sentinel products or PCD blades. 1600$ for the liquid, 1100 for PCD set but there’s metal anchors in slab randomly that will break the Pcd’s. Probably putting down paint/sealer.

    Potential for 60k additional ft.

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  2. epoxyman

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    If it’s dry and brittle I would shot blast it up I’ve done a few it will still
    Leave a stain on the old concrete but it’s enough for us to install over we use a different primer and materials
    10,000 with a big blastrac should take 2-3 days
    Have to use a pre filter cause it will clog up if not
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  3. kwfloors

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    I saw someone use a scarifier on some, worked good.
  4. I’m grinding this for paint. Scarifier was used, they destroyed the surface I’ll have to grind flat. Easily ate 3/16 “ down each wheel.

    Pcd’s with a diamond bar are damaging paste at different heights. Carbide grinder maybe not sharp enough and busting out cause of anchors. Diamonds clog. It’s a battle for efficiency timewise. I may pass hopefully gave a local reference.

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  5. epoxyman

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    I can bring over my little blastrac see what a test does then if it works I got the big one I’ll help you with it if you want
  6. Thanks Ron, intriguing though rather not go the way professional route. Looking for fast & cheap, I thought I could reduce labor but I’m finding not. On top of using expensive equipment the two necessities do not meet.
  7. tsb

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    Grinding wet could help keep the cutback from heating up and smearing on you.

    Carbide scrapers under your grinder would be less destructive than pcd's but you still don't want to hit bolts.

    How much left over residue are you talking about? Can you go over it with your ride on scraper to get some excess off first?
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  8. Barry Carlton

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    Long fail story behind this next tongue in cheek comment......have you thought about trying Amway
  9. I was wondering if you’d reply, It’s borderline ride on scraper usage, problem is I’d get pissed because it didn’t stay sharp and ride the slab, on and on, just like hardwood removals and scraping adhesive, the ride on doesn’t do it sufficiently client enough.

    I first stated 1$ a ft, then said lowest .70cent, I then told him I have a source but didn’t have the number, google # called stated “no accounts found” when called but went to his shop with cell # on trailer. He stated about the same price but has the large terrco grinders. They had meeting this morning, hopefully got an answer.

    The undulations kill me with the hand grinders.

    I think the sidewinder floor stripper would’ve worked if the right chemical was used, but it’s propane and I don’t want to use it in the box.

    Getting to absorption to accept a stain is another issue, again the big machines (Terrco/prepmaster)I believe can do that.

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  10. Not sure how this job turned out haven’t visited since they started. The terms worked out for the business owner of both.

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