Recurring Training Throughout Year

Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Mike Antonetti, Jun 17, 2018.

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    I was in DFW at one in March. As with most training, when you have 12-15 speakers in two days there is nothing "in depth". What you get is surface knowledge, I am always looking for the deeper hidden things and so am often disappointed with the training available.
    Great for networking and meeting new people in the field. The principles, Paul and Sonny are very knowledgeable and committed to education.
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    I know that instructor Claudia Lezell, she could run the whole thing with the knowledge she has.
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  3. That’s what I’m concerned about. I was going to read entire floor covering installer magazine and chart what I knew and didn’t to see on paper if it was worth my time. So many things are just re hashed. I’ve got a half file cabinet of flooring stuff to read/recycle.
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    I like the ones our distributor has, 2 hrs 5 to 7 with products. Tonight we had a good one with Uzin. Its a great product all around.
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  5. Looks like some good topics.



    Charlotte NC, September 21-22 2018

    Emphasis on WPC/SPC Flooring


    Dean Craft with ISE Logik Ind., Concrete and Concrete Additives.

    Seth Pevarnik with Ardex, Thick Pour Gypsum Underlayment

    Speaker to be Announced

    Jim Kups of Novalis, Resilient Manufacturing

    Brent Fike of Roppe, Plasticizers and the Stability of Resilient Plank/Tile

    Don Jewel of Loba Wakol, Sound Dampening and Performance of Cork and Cork Underlayment

    Panel Discussion With Dave Altman of MetroFlor and 2 additional speakers to be announced.

    (Speaker to be announced) FlashCoves Proper Construction and Installation

    William Thornton of Tarkett Sports, Heat Welding Resilient Techniques and Challenges

    Bill Trieber Artistic Finishes, Transitions: Construction and Proper Installation.
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    Mike, did you forget how to Copy & Paste? Please don't post screenshots of words on a page (there are exceptions, but this ain't one). Copy and paste them into your message.
  7. I edited above. From an email I want to open in Safari and send the link but I can’t find that option always. It just wants to forward the email and I just want specifics sometimes.

    Dan said keep an eye on me while he was enjoying an overseas trip!
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