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Discussion in 'Buy & Sell Flooring Tools and Equipment' started by Jim McClain, May 30, 2006.

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  1. Jim McClain

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    This forum is for buying and selling personal flooring related tools, equipment or supplies. It is not for advertising your wholesale or retail merchandise. You must be a member to post, but you do not have to be a Pro Member to buy or sell. Contact the administration if you wish to advertise or sell regularly here on TFP.

    All for-sale topics started in this forum must be accompanied by at least one picture of the item for sale (use our free photo upload feature). The picture is intended to show its condition at the time it is offered for sale. Pictures of the item in new(er) condition than it is currently can be misleading and may cause the topic to be deleted.

    No auction style bidding on the forum. If you want the best offer, you may take offers via Personal Messaging. Do not post your email address on the forum so that your email address remains hidden from email harvesters. Activate your "Accept Personal Messages from members" option in your User CP so you can make your best deal in private. The replies to this forum are for questions and clarification purposes only about the items sought or offered.

    When you have bought or sold the item you began your thread with, post a message in the thread that asks to have it closed. Members do not want to seek items that are no longer available.

    TheFloorPro, its owners, staff or administration are not responsible if you have a bad transaction. Paying for or collecting for any item sold or bought here is the responsibility of the seller and the buyer. The Floor Pro Community makes no assurances of any kind that the item will be suitable or even in working/usable condition. Do not contact the administration, staff or owners of TheFloorPro if you have a problem with a buyer or seller. Any problem resolution is your responsibility.

    Any proof or repeated complaints about a buyer or seller that defaults on their obligation or violates these rules will be barred from using this forum and it may also result in administrative action relating to other areas of this website.

    Any and all posts are subject to edits, deletion or closure without warning. This forum will be pruned of old threads regularly. Some threads that are still active may be closed or deleted without prior notice.

    All other rules of apply.

    Happy buying and selling.
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  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    The Original Post in this thread has been updated today. No terms have been changed. Additional information and links have been added for convenience and clarity.
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