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    I posted this in the HW and Lam section, but since it doesnt look like it posted I think the topic is better suited for this section, If this ends up being a double post I apologize.

    Hello all

    Just finished tearing up approx 2700 1700sqf of carpet to reveal oak hw ( best guess as there is a lot of oak in NC) this is just down stairs, upstairs is in 6mo. My process is below and I will highlight areas in red, that I'm not sure about and will include a couple pictures of the floor. I believe the floor is waxed due to the can of Electrolux wood floor wax can i found in the basement and like my previous house which was oiled if you dripped hot/warm water on it and didn't rag it up a white spot would appear. I didn't include pics of the hallways and two downstairs bedrooms.

    1. Tore up carpet, staples and tack strips
    2. Rented a 19" buffer with green and red pad using Bona HW floor cleaner, this worked great to scrub 30+ years of dirt that filtered down through the carpet, in places i sprayed to much cleaner it literally made a mud slurry it was so dirty. Did this process twice, looking back I should have sanded first and saved a step.
    3. Mopped the floor three times and each session we ran the hot water tank empty, main reason to use hot water was to help clean the mop. After the third time mopping, my back said enough.
    4. I was thinking of going with either Woca or Bona Hardwax oil as the finish.
    5. Woca recommends to sand the floor with 100 or 120. Any tips to sanding with a 19" buffer/300rpm.
    6. Use a white of beige pad to finish it off / polish.

    The upside to this entire process is we are living out of our 5th wheel in the driveway so I can take my time.

    Formal Living Room
    20170524_083340_resized.jpg 20170524_105924_resized_2.jpg 20170524_110107_resized_2.jpg 20170524_110024_resized_2.jpg
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    Edit: 1,700' not 2,700'
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    I would have a pro sand it as it is tricky and they would know their sander better.
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    After more and more research im finding out HW floors are a labor of love and need to be re-applied every 6mo in high traffic areas and yearly on lower traffic areas. That being said POLY here I come. I have a flooring guy coming Sunday to give me a quote.
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