RE-Installing Stair Balusters

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    What type of glue is best to use for the bottom of stair balusters where they go inside the drilled hole/shoe?
    When I removed them they broke out with a pop and came out quite easily. So it looks like it wasn't very strong glue. I am thinking to use Bona R850T and rub it around the circumference of the bottom of the spindle and in the shoe and push it in.

    Likely it may never come out unless drilled after that though?.. I have some Gorilla "Wood" glue too, but not sure if it would provide a lasting bond?

    The hole depth is all a mess.. it looks like in some they did it right and filled the shoe with glue and it reached the baluster,. but in other cases the hole too deep to fill enough.
    I think dabbing all around the circumference should work quite well though instead of filling which grabs only the very bottom. Or maybe that will too well and may never come out?..

    Also, they seem to have mixed screws that go into balusters with those that go into newel posts.. although I am not a pro at this, I believe newel post screws that secure handrails should be much longer than the ones that secure balusters(which are about 1 inch) ? This is ok because I can drill a longer pilot and put in the correct screw though, but I'm just wondering what is normal here? I am finding only in two out of six handrail screws they used 2" long, and the rest are 1" long. This is for the metal part that the wooden handrail goes on top of.
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    Worked beautifully, thanks Jim!
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