Question about gaps and gouges in a Bellawood prefinished floor?

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    I had my apartment gut renovated, and new flooring installed. A mistake at the time, was not replacing and leveling the sub floor. The flooring I used was a Bellawood prefinished floor. When install was done, there were several places where there were gaps between the floor boards. The largest gaps were 1/8". The contractor at the time told me it was normal, and not to be concerned. However, random debris seems to collect in those cracks, and it looks bad. What can I do to prevent this?

    Additionally, there are some places where the wood was gouged by construction or moving furniture. Is there anything that can be done to repair these spots on a prefinished floor?
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    Gouges can be dealt with by doing individual board replacements as necessary if the gouge is severe enough. Otherwise putty is your buddy. As for the gaps between boards, I’d also say that is normal for the product you have chosen. Maybe some putty might help with that as well but the product is what it is and you just have to accept that as a finished result. Champagne taste on a beer budget equals gaps.
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