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    This is a How-To on posting links to other websites in your forum messages. You can do it with the mouse, keyboard shortcuts (pressing combinations of functions and letters on your keyboard), or you can do it with your fingers on a smartphone or tablet. In its simplest form, you can just type or paste the URL of any website directly into your message editor and leave it at that. If you have been using a computer or smartphone for a little while, you should already know how to Copy & Paste. If you don't... well, here: How to Copy & Paste via Computer, Laptop, Mobile Device, Etc.

    If the address you paste in your message uses the HTTP protocol, our forum software will attempt to display that website's title as the link when you submit your message. Unfortunately, that feature doesn't always work and it never works if the website uses the HTTPS protocol, like we do here at TFP. Your pasted link will still work, it just won't be pretty. The following instructions are for those of you who want your links to be descriptive and meaningful to the reader of your message.

    1. On the website you want to link to, copy some text (the name of the site, the product being sold, any short line of text):
    2. Paste that text, OR you can just type what you want to use as linked text, into the message editor and highlight it:
    3. Now copy the URL from the website page you want to link to:
    4. Click the link button in your message editor:
    5. A little box pops up for you to paste the URL into (do not click inside the box, it is already highlighted and ready for your paste):
    6. Click the OK button:
      posting-links-how-to06.jpg posting-links-how-to07.jpg
    7. All that's left is to finish your message and submit:

    I hope you will post links to any quality website, product or information you want to convey to others. If you have any questions about posting links, reply to this or PM me and I will help as best I can.


  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I just updated this how-to. Let me know if this is helpful, or if you'd like to have a how-to about something else.
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    Learn something new everyday.

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