Polyurethane Pad

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Darren Ramey, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Darren Ramey

    Darren Ramey Charter Member

    Anyone ever used this stuff? I think Shaw makes it. It’s not easy to trim in due to some sort of jute like backing that goes towards the floor but I have to say it is about the nicest pad I have ever walked on. Apparently I am allergic to polyurethane because my arms and legs broke out in to a nice itchy rash. I could feel my skin crawling when I just got close to the stuff, I’ll admit that could have just been in my head though. I break out in a rash whenever I handle sheet goods too. Hence the reason I don’t install vinyl unless I have to.
  2. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    My recollection is they first introduced that as a contract pad called DuraTech. Had four quaslities and it apparently took off well enopugh they bought the manufacturer. Can't remember their name but they were in Dalton. We never did much with it in contract due to price. Far more sytnthetic needle punched was used. Upgrades were to SCI Vigilant, which became Tredmor. Have seen some on a copule residential inspections. You are right- the stuff feels great underfoot.
  3. Lo Down

    Lo Down Old as dirt member Charter Member Senior Member

    Is that a green colored pad? Does it want to roll back up by itself on the ends until stapled down?
  4. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    one and the same- kind of a sea sick green...
  5. Chris Flynn

    Chris Flynn Charter Member Published

    Very similar to "Daltonion" pad.... I have used a bunch of Daltonion pad through the years and have had great success with it ... it is a very good pad for Axes(in my opinion) and a great pad for double gluing. Most of it is around the 10-15 lb density range but,.... a pain in the butt to handle because it is so heavy and usually comes in 100 foot rolls... most weigh in at 230 shipping weight...I have to use a cart to move... I think that Daltonion made the Dura tech for several years and Shaw bought the equipment to start making it themselves... ( the story that I was told anyway) I like it (Daltonion) for wovens on stairs.. I think that Dura Tech is not as Dense as the Daltonion though.
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  6. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    Chris, I beleive your recollection is more acurate than mine :)
  7. Harry Myers

    Harry Myers Charter Member

    I always thought it was a froth urethane or in other words a high densified urethane.

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