Poly help... black floors now grey

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    Location - Florida Summer... so definitely humid.
    Old parquet flooring. (No idea how old but i would guess 50+ years.)
    Sanded down - spent a week sanding.(38 / 80 / 120)
    Stained with Varathane Classic ebony, 3 coats.
    Dried for weeks before we got a chance to clean and poly. (busy doing tile in the kitchen)
    Sat afternoon cleaned, vacumed, and very dry moped with water/vinegar.
    Sunday afternoon applied 1st coat of Varathane Oil based Satin Floor Finish - fast drying.

    Most of the floor is perfect. There are a few small places of discoloration, and one large area.

    In all these places our nearly black floor is now grey. It turned color fairly quickly.

    Pictures are the overall floor, then zoom in on the worst area.

    Thanks in advance your your help. Really frustrated / irked / confused / tired. 20190728_195738.jpg 20190728_195731.jpg 20190728_195716.jpg
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    That discoloration is due to moisture underneath your finish. If there was enough moisture, your finish will delaminate. Can you tap on it. Is the finish still solidly adhered to the hardwood. I suppose it doesn’t matter much anyway because the only way I know how to fix that is to do it again.

    You are using oil based products yet you very lightly damp mopped with water and vinegar. You should have tacked the floor with mineral spirits. Oil based finish gets oil based prep. Water based finish gets water based prep. I can only imagine what part the vinegar contributed to your problem.
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