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    I'm looking for advice on this company. I took the wife to look at Mannington, Karndean and Corelok products and the floor she liked most was from the Palmetto Road Barrier 20 collection. From the info posted on their website, it sounds like a good product. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this particular flooring. Here is a link to their product page: Barrier 20 Collection Archives - Palmetto Road Flooring
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    Looks like a decent floor, but looks can be deceiving. One thing troubles me: on one of the product pages, the description next to the thumbnail of the color swatch states a warranty of 15 years commercial, but below that, in the Description section, it states 5 years commercial warranty. That's a pretty big difference.
  3. Just based solely on the specifications it appears to be a decent product. I've never seen or touched it. If you notice at the bottom of the Palmetto Road website the copyright is held by the Southern Diversified Distributors. A google search of that name will take to the William Bird Distribution site. William Bird is a large wholesale distributor in the flooring industry primarily located along the southern Atlantic coast. They're a reputable distributor. Their website states that the Palmetto Road brand is their "premier house brand". In other words, it's an Asian import that they are private labeling.

    Now, to be very clear, that doesn't mean this is any way a bad or low end product. I don't know if any of the major manufacturers are actually producing WPC products here in the US yet. This includes both Mannington and Karndean.

    The thing that is interesting to me is that the typical small importer will generally work with an Asian manufacturer and buy an "off-the-shelf" product that the Asian manufacturer already produces good, bad, or indifferent. When the larger manufacturers partner with an Asian manufacturer it's a bit of a different approach. They will generally develop the spec and construction of the product as well as the patterns and merely have the Asian manufacturer build the product for them. Additionally, they will generally have US personnel provide oversight in the Asian production facility to make sure they are compliant with the specs prior to it shipping to the US.

    Again, this is not an indictment in any way of the Palmetto Road product. Just merely some insight into the way these things are brought to market. Since William Bird is a regional distributor, they cover a much smaller market footprint than either Mannington or Karndean who have national coverage. So, unless it's a really heavy hitter for WB, the chances of getting a ton of feedback on it significantly decrease because of lack of exposure outside their region.

    WPC's are a newer generation of luxury vinyl flooring that has really only been in the marketplace for about 36 months. While they are exceedingly popular the niche players are just coming into the market and there just isn't much of a track record yet for many of them.

    Again, the point here is not to speak negatively of the product, but why you may not get much feedback on it's use. Hopefully one of the other members can shed some insight on the product for you, but wanted you to know that if they don't it's not because it's bad, but it's just too new.

    I wish you well with your search for a new floor and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
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  4. Jim,

    I looked at what you were talking about and I think I know why it's different. They appear to offer the same patterns with different wearlayers. One is a 20 mil (Barrier20) and the other is a 12 mil (Tidewater collection) They carry different warranties due to the different wearlayers. It's sort of awkward the way they show the information so I can see where the confusion came from.
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    Thanks for the replies, i think they've given me a better grasp on the flooring industry. Another name I was able to find this product under was Innocore Aqua Lok. I originally found this flooring in Shreveport, LA under the High Plains brand. I assume these products are all the same original manufacturer, just sourced through different private labels. They all share the same specs and even color names.
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