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Discussion in 'Concrete Floor Finishes' started by elle_12, Oct 9, 2017.

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    We bought a new house and I loath the current tile floors (on slab). The genius builder decided to change tile colors in the middle of the floor, and did so unevenly. The trouble is, I've only got about $500 to put into the floors to get me the next 2 years, when I plan to replace them.
    Some extremely helpful people here said it's not the best idea to rip up the tile and leave bare concrete. I thought about painting the concrete rather than the tiles, but it sounds like that might cause problems if I want to secure flooring to the concrete later?
    Is painting the tile an option? I've seen some internet blogs rave about it, but I visited Sherman Williams and the guy was aghast at the idea. So... can it be done, and will it last 2 years (with a dog running on it) if I do it?
    These are your basic builders grade 12x12 ceramic tiles with some texture to them.

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    It's pretty easy. Here's a How-To: Sharing Photos in a Post
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    Thanks! I was on my phone but I figured it out when I tried to edit.
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    I would not paint it
    I've used epoxy to go over tile after I ground the finish off it but I do not like it at all

    Just buy a few big throw rugs
    And save the rest for your new floor
    Good luck
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    LOL that is a hideous mess but I say the same thing. Just live with it for now. There is no easy answer for that. If you really want to go to town on it, skim it off and paint it but that's a lot of dinking around for something temporary. It will just push you to new floor faster.
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