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Discussion in 'Tools, Equipment and Supplies' started by Grant H, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Grant H

    Grant H I'd rather be patting my dog.

    I'm in the market for a new cordless drill (+ kit possibly). What brand are you running atm ?
    I have access to most brands, so any ideas are welcome. I know most seem to have their guts made in China now but I've no problem with that as long as it's still good gear.
  2. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    All of my stuff with the exception of a Dewalt 20 amp cordless drill are Craftsman. Now I have a bushel basket full of dead batteries so I think their batteries suck. Even the lithium ones last maybe a year at most. What really sucked was when they first came out I had a 14.4 drill and they changed the configuration of the battery and couldn't get the original design without paying big bucks for compared to the new ones. Sometimes when they have sales on a drill it is cheaper to buy a new drill that comes with batteries than just to buy new batteries.
    I will have the Dewalt drill a year in December and really like that drill.
    Home Depot sells one that if you register it the batteries are lifetime I think.
    I really thinking of going back to corded.


  3. Chris Mha

    Chris Mha Charter Member Senior Member

    Dewalt 20 volt drill and impact. The kit also came with a sawzall. Cost me 200.00
  4. Early on the cabinet guys used Makita, I think 9.6 volt and they seemed durable and lasted, so I thought that's my brand and bought the set, saw, drill, some other stuff, I used them to template granite countertops with 4" strips of lauan. Well batteries went bad and new ones were 90$ x 2, so they died, I went to landfill to dispose of properly and left the whole set there. I originally had 12 volt Dewalt drill, and gave that to my friend.
    All my cordless 18 volt is now Ridgid, lifetime warranty on all, when it says on box, even batteries, I bought a jigsaw from Craig's for 50$, gave away one sawzall to some tree guy asking me a question at lowes cause I had two, I have two small radios, two led lights.
    The new batteries have charge lights showing when needs a charge, very helpful.
    I will be getting the cordless vacuum for 100$. Once you buy the brand you stick with it and add tools to the collection.
    I've gotten two new batteries and new drill. When turning in to repair, the tool, battery,and charger have to be turned in so you should acquire an additional charger as a standby.

    The impact driver works good, K man talked me into buying it, it came with drill and free small radio I use all the time. I thought the drill was a hammer but it's plain drill.
    My wife got the starter set for me for Christmas about 8 years ago. Jigsaw works good for notching hardwood transitions for door jambs. Lights (led) work good for trailer interior lights.

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  5. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member Senior Member

    I'm still on the 9.6 volt makita, I have 3 as I have bought some at garage sales for practically nothing. I also have a hitachi 12 volt impact, a little weak on some stuborn screws. My son got me a ryobi 18 volt drill and impact for fathers day, along with enough bits to last the rest of my lifetime. l don't use any enough to wear them out but when you need one you have one. I also have a bosch 18drill, saw, light kit but needs new batteries. Seen some battery rebuilders online that you can send them to but haven't done that to know if that is good.
  6. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    Mostly Craftsman or DeWalt
    Got a Milwaukee recip
    Love them all
  7. Jon Scanlan

    Jon Scanlan That Kiwi Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Grant lost my charger, probually in the mess in the back of my car, so I went to Mitre 10 and got 2 batteries and a Black and Decker drill for $100 Now have 3 batteries and 2 drills :)
  8. epoxyman

    epoxyman Pro Member

    Dewalt 12v and a few 18v do not use them a lot but when we do they hold up well.

    When I installed the plywood in my box truck a few weeks back put in well over 400 screws and fasteners and would have to change out battery's every 75 or so screws it was 1/2 wood into metal studs.
  9. Majwoody

    Majwoody Pro Member

    I'm using Milwaukee stuff now. Had Bosch and Dewalt and both had battery issues. I also have a hitachi 9v that has been great. Most carpenters I run into like Makita. Panosonic makes the best drill/drivers but they cost a fortune. Sucks not having a radio to charge with but I can live without it. Dewalt is black and decker and they have products for pro use and home owner use. My brushless impact has 3 speeds and the batteries display the charge. I also use the cordless angle grinder and circular saw. Milwaukee has work lights that run on m18 batteries and I plan to get one but they cost a lot. I bought my stuff when a rep was in town and got 3 batteries and impact set for free.
  10. Kman

    Kman Tile Expert I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    A few years ago I started buying Hitachi and have never turned back. I did have to break down and buy a Dewalt drill for mixing thinset and grout, but I don't like it. I couldn't find a Hitachi drill at the time, but I'm going to look again sometime soon.

    I have a corded drill, cordless drill, cordless impact, corded reciprocating saw, chop saw, trim nailer, and probably some others I'm forgetting.

    The only bad thing I can say about them is that the batteries are sky high. I had one crap out last year, and the replacement batteries are $80. I found that I could get an impact driver with a charger and two batteries for about $140, so I didn't see the point in buying the battery only.

    The battery cost may be an issue with all of them, though. I think Ryobi is the one that replaces batteries at no charge.
  11. Hitachi makes a screaming chipping hammer.
    The Dewalt mixing drill DW130 is a great drill, spins little too fast 450rpm, but strong, I just shortened the cord due to deterioration at connection point. I have another one I think but haven't found it yet.
  12. Bud Cline

    Bud Cline Tile Expert Charter Member Senior Member Published

    Have had Rockwell's for years, they buy my batteries for me.
  13. Steve Forbo

    Steve Forbo Pro Member

    I have been using Milwaukee for the last 2 years. I lost all my stuff in Sandy, which was Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, etc...
    I bought my first set of Milwaukee 18M after helping out rebuilding houses destroyed by Sandy. They were better than the Dewalt 20v as far as torque and battery life. They were also better price wise. I bought a set of drills, one regular and one impact, with a free choice of one other tool(got the sawzall) for $199 with a set of bits. I have since bought a few other Milwaukee tools that take a serious beating. Best quality for the money IMHO.
  14. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    Yeah, of all my cordless gear, my Milwaukee is the oldest, toughest, and most reliable.
    When I whip out the Milly, I KNOW it will muscle it's way through the task.
    Even on a damn-near spent battery.

    Shinskel and Kneebert give Milwaukee two blackened and swollen thumbs up!
  15. sickmatesick

    sickmatesick Pro Member

    I have that black and decker matrix from mitre 10 mega. Pretty good for basic gear and the trim saw attachment is worth the extra $60 for cutting masonite.
  16. Majwoody

    Majwoody Pro Member

    I've had that same mixing drill for nine years now. I bought a milwaukie to replace it but it has not failed yet. I even dropped it down a flight of concrete steps last year. This drill and the tile saw and are the only two yellow tools I will buy that aren't Stabila.
  17. Contractors seem to like Milwaukee, I wouldn't mind the tools, it's just the batteries die. My ridgid stuff is just past homeowner grade quality, the warranty is what's got me sold. I have half broken charger, broken light, only worked for maybe a month, but when I find some time to turn it in, I'll do it, just nice knowing that I won't have to pay to repair, or for another battery, I can worry about other things.
    I have Dewalt grinders, 7" that I put through hell, I expect those to be thrown away when they die.

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