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  1. Here’s from the opposite side of the installation community. The Cleaning,Damage,Removal end by a specific company Aramsco @ the US.

    I’m going, I think it’s a better time of the year to travel, smaller itinerary than World of Concrete but gets us to Vegas and see some equipment.

    NeXus – Pro Cleaners Tradeshow
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  2. Back from show, training was good, learned a few things Shaw’s class by Darrell Higgins was good, Fire Damage restoration was real in depth and is probably the greatest challenge of all the restoration processes. The customer, nice class about the female side of decision making.

    The show floor was well represented. A lender (Aztec)was there for equipment purchasing. National Flooring Equipment had a booth, Honeywell in which I found a new Demo Glove and already ordered them.

    The Con/Agg expo was way over my needs, we’re talking giant things, Equipment in the hundreds of thousands and millions. Large construction equipment which was challenging to adopt to my needs. An electric Bobcat was a surprise to see, didn’t know it was feasible. Also a dump station for my tile debris and a conveyor belt to drop into container. I Got to get some ideas, just not feasible costs with my budget.

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