newly installed LVT squares squeak

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    Go get em tiger :)
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    Just wanted to let you how things turned out.
    -Had a 3rd party inspector out that we hired thanks to your input. He found the adhesive as applied incorrectly due to using the wrong trowel size and carpet seams were not sealed as per industry and Shaw guidelines as well as a few other issues. We realized at this point we have no warranty through Shaw due to incorrect installation.
    -We disputed the entire bill which we have placed on our Visa card through their dispute resolution process. This resulted in those charges being pulled back from his account and placed back in our account pending his reply and Visa's findings. Visa warned us that this as a battle of documentation. We prepared over forty pages on documentation including pictures, timelines, copies of the inspectors reports, texts stating the store manager knew there was problems and recommended removal, copies of Shaw installation guidelines and industry standards for installation, and a copy of Shaw's warranties.
    -The owners of the flooring store never disputed our claim so after 90 days the dispute was considered closed and the money remained in our hands.
    -We had new flooring installed last week by a different local flooring store and what a difference. We noted during the tear up process of the LVT there were many squares that separated from the Solitaire underlayment just by pulling up the the squares. They did not level the flooring under the LVT. They failed to tape the seams of the carpet One area of carpet that was fraying was due to the patching a 8 in by 2 foot square on carpet in where they miscut. I quizzed the new installers their thoughts on the installation in case this mess isn't done yet- "very sloppy job."
    -Putting down a thicker subfloor helped fix the door frames being all cut to different heights. We still have some splintering to deal with. We also have the cost of the inspection out of pocket. We are debating on letting sleeping dogs lie at this point. Would love to send a copy of my 45 pages to whoever is over our area Shaw rep and whoever is in charge of sales. Would also love to have the flooring store pay for the inspection. However, I never thought we would get the entire purchase price back and hate to be greedy. Not sure what we would gain besides the personal satisfaction of being a thorn in his side.
    -We will never purchase Shaw products again. Was truly disappointed that Shaw didn't help our case along here. They were too busy protecting "their best customer" in the area.
    -And we absolutely love our new flooring!!

    So thank you for all your patience answering all of my questions and wise guidance on how to navigate this mess. Thanks to the pro on here who pointed me towards the flooring inspector.
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    I am really glad you got some resolution. Nice to see when things work out how they are supposed to and bad installations are thrown to the dogs. Personally I would go after every penny... but that's because I am a vindictive arsehole :) plus it involves court and a lot of ugly mess....

    Good on you for winning!!

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