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Discussion in 'TFP Site News & Announcements' started by Roland Thompson, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Demonseed

    Demonseed Pro Member

    I really appreciate this Roland, Thank you.

  2. rusty baker

    rusty baker Well-Known Member

    Roland is the most generous person on the board.
  3. Demonseed

    Demonseed Pro Member

    Okay, the tool arrived today, I took it out of the box and scratched my head for a minute or two. I read the instructions and sighed, I think my last brain cell was busy doing other stuff, so I am putting my faith that the CD that came with it will shed some light onto how this thing works. Aside from that I want to Thank you and Roland again.

    If it works the way I think it does, they probably could have made this with a real good suction cup thing on the end.


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