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  1. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Some people like to have an avatar that lets people know where they come from. So, I added a bunch of new avatars to the system today, like state or country flags and other symbols of the location some of our members are from.

    What's an avatar? It's that picture I have in the upper-left corner of every post I make. You might have one in yours too, but some members have no avatar. It's your choice, but I wanted to take this opportunity to explain how you can change your avatar, if you want. I'll try to make the instructions easy to follow, you might even be able to just look at the pictures below to see how it's done.

    1. If you already have an avatar, click the avatar in your user module right there to the right of this post, or click the "Go to User CP" link at the top of that module.

    2. If you click the Go-to-UserCP link, it will take you to your Control Panel, where you'll see a link on the left that says Edit Avatar.

    3. If you click that link, or your avatar I mentioned in step 1, you're now on the Edit avatar page. To select one of our in-stock avatars, click the Avatar Category drop-down and select any category and click the Go button.

    4. Some categories have multiple pages of avatars to choose from. Click the radio button for the avatar you want.

    5. Now click the Save Changes button to make your new avatar permanent (well, you can change it any time you want too).

    6. You'll see your new avatar in your User Module and it will appear in all your posts, right under your User Name. It also appears in your profile for all to see when they want to learn more about you.

    7. If you prefer to use a custom avatar - a picture on your computer or an avatar you found on another website, you can do that from the same Edit Avatar page. Just enter the website address in the text box provided, or click the Browse button to find the picture on your computer.

    8. When you locate the picture, double-click it, or single-click and then click the Open button.

    9. The location of the picture appears in the text box and you can now click the Save Changes button.

    If you can't find an avatar you like in our system and are unable to make a picture you do like into a good avatar, don't hesitate to email me the picture and tell me what you want. I'd be happy to turn just about anything into the avatar you want. Some people want to use a picture of one of their relatives, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a business logo, part of a building or landscape or some abstract work of art. I'll do my best to make an avatar for you.

    I have a few more new avatars to add to the system soon - some sports team logos - but don't be shy about requesting a specific category of avatar. If it doesn't break the rules, I'll do what I can to accommodate you.


    PS: my email address is simple: admin at The Floor Pro dot com (no spaces, of course).

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  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    For those of you heavy into the NFL season, I just added some football to the Sports category of the avatars.

    Now it's waaaay past my bedtime. I need my beauty sleep. :D

    Go Niners!
  3. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    And now there are more new avatars, including a new category for flooring related avatars. Oh, and a transportation category too, but that one doesn't have very many avatars in it yet.

    I am glad to see some of you using a few of the new avatars. :yesss:

  4. Barry Carlton

    Barry Carlton I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    I can think of at least 8 Idaho members here.

    And there a lot of hunters, fishermen, cooks, musicians, a couple of photographers....
  5. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I wasn't happy with the Idaho flags I found - the seal and other detail in the center turns out illegible. I uploaded one though, and a flag superimposed on the shape of the state.

    The others could be interesting too. I haven't looked for images in those categories yet. I'll check it out, maybe tonight. I have some appointments though and may be out of energy and enthusiasm for a couple days. Or not. :hu:


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