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  1. Scroff

    Scroff New Member

    How thick are Armstrong and Earthscape vinyl floors?

    Good morning!
    I inherited the house I grew up in a few years ago. We call it the house that Alby (my father) built because he was resistant to hiring professionals or reading DIY books, so he just kind of figured it out as he went along. This applies particularly to an addition put on about 40 years ago that doubled the size of the house.

    There is wall to wall carpet throughout the house, and a few months ago my wife and I decided to tear some of it up in the living room and found mid fifties wood floor. A few weeks ago we decided to tear up the carpet in the dining room, which is adjacent to the living room, and where the new addition begins. As expected the wood floor continues for a few feet, then meets the subfloor of the addition, both the same height to accommodate the carpet.

    Our original plan was to lay 10mm pergo in the dining room, but I didn't want a step down where the pergo would meet the old floor, so I started taking up the underlay that is very nice true 3/4 inch plywood AC.

    One day this week my wife says, "Why don't we just use linoleum?" I used to do some construction about 30 years ago so my first response was Ugh, no way I'm putting that stuff in our dining room!

    She convinced me to stop at a local flooring dealer and all I can say is wow. We saw some pretty nice Armstrong and Earthscapes vinyl flooring. I mentioned that I didn't think I could install the stuff, remembering how perfect the floor had to be and how if the adhesive wasn't done right there would be bubbles, all that, and the dealer says it's actually easier than pergo if it's laid as a floating floor.

    So, this is getting long. If you're still with me, I came here through a google search for Armstrong and Earthscape vinyl floors. I was looking to see how floating vinyl floors work out and how thick the stuff is so I can match the height and how this stuff really looks once it's down. It looks like nice stuff and seems durable and I can lay the whole floor in one seamless 13 x16' piece. It seems too good to be true. Yeah it's not hardwood, but neither is the pergo, and it's water resistant and scratch resistant, aluminum oxide and all that.

    So, I'm here to find answers. The questions will come!

    If you're still with me, thanks for listening!
  2. Scroff

    Scroff New Member

    I initially planned on laying pergo in a 12 x 16' room where two floors meet. There's an old wood floor that meets up, evenly height wise, with a 3/4" subfloor. This was so they could lay carpet where the old floor met with a floor in an addition.

    I'm considering either Armstrong or Earthscapes vinyl sheet flooring. Apparently it can be laid as a floating floor and I can do the whole room in one piece. I want the new floor to be the same height as the old wood floor, so I was wondering how thick this stuff is so I can adjust the subfloor accordingly.

    Any opinions on these brands? Any advice on putting this stuff in? I know so little about it I'm not sure I'm even asking the right questions.

    Any feedback will be welcome. Thanks!
  3. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I'm not sure your vinyl will be 13' wide, normally it's 12ft. Wide with wider widths in a small selection I guess for mobile homes.

    Normally it's 1/8" thick( +/-) 1/32"
  4. Roland Thompson

    Roland Thompson Charter Member Senior Member

    earthscapes comes 13.2 wide. It is easy to install, make sure you lay it down with no twist in it. Make sure you leave the 1/8 gap around the whole room. Do not nail 1/4 round down thru it for this will lock it in.
  5. Scroff

    Scroff New Member

    Thank you for your replies. Had some family stuff going on so I apologize for not saying thanks sooner.

    I was going to go with the Earthescapes because it's pretty nice and it comes in the 13.2' width, but then I read all this stuff about phthalates. Armstrong doesn't seem to have it but I can't find any info about Earthscapes. Does anyone know if it contains phthalates? It's expensive stuff as vinyl sheet goes so I'd hope it doesn't.

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