Need some carpet advice please.

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by cwbyzfn69, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. DJ

    DJ Charter Member

    with them kids still growing. i'd go with a ber ber!
  2. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    olefin/poly? or nylon?
  3. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Definitely not poly. I'd go nylon if affordable, olefin second. But the poster doesn't say how old the kids are or how long they want it to last.

  4. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    The main issue for consumers with nylon vs olefin with berbers is there are alot of pros's vs cons

    poly/olefin can be stitched or dyed with a tweed alot easier
    cheap inital investment
    very coarse, like sand paper
    nylon berbers tend to be mostly solid and the ones in the "value" range are very cheapo feeling (not dense)
  5. eJM

    eJM Charter Member I Support TFP


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