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Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Ron S., Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Ron S.

    Ron S. New Member

    I am considering the purchase of Shaw Country Aire (Q4696) carpet for 4 bedrooms and a hallway. It is Anso Nylon but I am concerned about the low weight (29.2 oz.). What is the opinions on this carpet? If purchased with such a low weight per yard, what is the best weight pad to place under it?
  2. kwfloors

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    I would go for the best pad you can afford. That way it would still be good for when you replace in the future.
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  3. jschlaupitz

    jschlaupitz Pro Member

    You hit the nail on the head with the first point which is the carpet fiber type. Anso Nylons are going to help give you some nice wear and stain resistancy, so a very good choice there.

    Let's talk about that oz weight in particular, though. 29.2 oz is a little more on the lighter side usually, but bear in mind what they are measuring in those ounces is not just your density itself. Oz weights measure the overall weight of the yarn fiber per square yard. More weight to a product could mean that it is denser or it could mean that it is a taller piece. Taller pieces add more of a luxurious feel, but if you find a taller 29.2oz piece, that likely means that it will not be very dense and will not perform as well in high traffic areas (like your hall). If the product is shorter, however, it will lean more towards the denser side and could perform fairly well. It all will depend more on that height and density, rather than just on the oz weight.

    My best suggestion for you is to try curling over the edge of the carpet sample and take a look at how much of the carpet's backing you notice. If you see a lot of it, that means the carpet isn't very dense and will mat down quicker. If you see only a little of the backing, it will be a pretty decent performer.

    For the padding, I recommend going into a 7 1/2 - 8lb rebond pad. That will give you the best durability and comfort under your carpet. Some clients I've had like going into a 1/2" tall pad just to compensate for a shorter or thinner carpet, but 7/16" tall is nice as well. I do not recommend going taller than 1/2".
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  4. Ron S.

    Ron S. New Member

    Thanks for your recommendation. I have found a Shaw Anso Nylon model with a 39.0 face weight, 0.44 height, 6.10 twist, 3191 density and softback platinum backing. This carpet is practically the same price as the Country Air model. I think this is what I am going to purchase.
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  5. jschlaupitz

    jschlaupitz Pro Member

    That sounds like a great carpet option, Ron. Very nice height, twist level, and density. Good luck with your project!
  6. Ron S.

    Ron S. New Member

    Thank you.

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