Need Help on Replacing Rotten Boards

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    Hello Flooring Experts,

    My husband and I are renovating a 40 year old mobile home. We gutted the entire operation and found the studs to be in great condition however some of the boards below are rotted especially those that are under the window. What is the best way to replace these without damaging the structural integrity? I have had a few carpenters come out and none will work on a mobile and the one that did didn’t do a very good job on laying the subfloor and framing the internal walls so I plan to do this myself. Just a note that the only retaining walls in this mobile are the external ones.

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  2. Daris Mulkin

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    I'm not a carpenter or structural engineer but I think I would just scab 2x along side the studs that are already there for a couple of feet and lay one on top of the plate. They look like they have been wet but not rotted. Depends on how soft they are.


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    Most flooring professionals don't get into the structure aspect of home construction and repair. I wouldn't always refer anyone to a This Old House video for expert advice, but this video can help in your situation where your wall sill plates aren't completely rotted through.


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