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  1. KBang

    KBang New Member

    hello all
    We are in a new home to us and are replacing 1600 sq ft floor on main level of ranch & 800 sq ft in basement.

    We have 4 rottweilers, nails kept very short and previously had 3/4" hardwood red oak floors with street shoe finish in our past home (2700 sq ft colonial) for 18yrs. We had no issues and loved the hardwood however we did have many area rugs and runners down to protect floor and provide traction for the dogs. We refinished the floors once in that time. It held up beautifully with the big dogs!

    We live in the country so dogs are in and out all day.

    We are now considering a LVP such as Cortec, Shaw or Karndean. WE are open to suggestions and recommendations! The floor must have a rough type surface preferably with groves as to not be slick. We would prefer the thickest wear layers, so essentially not the entry level product.

    Currently we would be ripping up carpet, tile and an engineered Bruce floor to replace with LVP.

    We would NOT be installing ourselves but hiring a pro and going with a local flooring store. I have a few stores in mind, but I'm confused now!!

    My question and concerns are:
    1. Will we be happy with LVP since we loved hardwood in the past? I cannot sand a clicking noise so I'm afraid of that with LVP.
    2. The hardwood we like is from Shegoa and would be the character hickory (I know hickory is the worst in regards to climate stability, which makes me nervous as I live in NE Ohio)
    3. I like the ease of water spills etc on the LVP because of the dogs.
    4. I want low maintenance, I do not want to using a stripper, polisher, etc on my floors.
    5. Some of the people complain on the LVP re separations, foot prints that don't wipe up, heavy scratching, etc. any input here?
    6. Also like the LVP that the floor is giving, not hard like tile.

    Once I started looking at the LVP product I realized I could do 3/4" hardwood for a little bit more... so that's why I'm so torn on what to go with. I don't plan on replacing this floor ever, so it's got to be something I can live with!

    Any advice, good or bad is what I'm like ok if for. Thank you in advance.
  2. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    I'd stick with hardwood, if it worked and you liked it then why change? Adds a little value to your home as well. It's hard to beat.
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  3. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I agree with Kyle. You already know what to expect and how to care for a solid hardwood. Maybe find an alternative to Hickory though. A hand scraped type finish would give your dogs a better grip.

    The only place I would consider LVP, in your situation, is the basement. Solid, 3/4" hardwood may not be suitable for your below ground level concrete floor. To avoid that clickety sound, use a product that has an attached cork or other dense backing and preferably rated for commercial use.
  4. Aayers Flooring

    Aayers Flooring Pro Member

    KBang, as a pro, I would recommend you go with engineered hardwood flooring, which has same real wood looking but with more resistant to moisture, heat and durable compared to solid hardwood.

    Engineered hardwood floors features

    •Engineered floors have enhanced stability, which provides more resistance to everyday wear- and-tear and also to buckling or rippling.
    •Engineered hardwood is more resistant to moisture and heat fluctuations compared to solid hardwood floors.
    •Engineered wood floors can be either glued, stapled or nailed to subfloors for added stability.
    •Versatile, they can be installed over all grades (below, on or above).
    •They can also be installed as floating floor method, in which the boards attach to each other and "float" above the subfloor, with a suitable underlayment, to increase noise absorption, moisture resistance and overall comfort.
    •Engineered hardwood flooring is an easier and faster DIY installation.

    We are based in Seattle/WA and our Display Dealers are located over West Coast 16 States. You can ask your retailer for samples to view in your home, or order them yourself on our website.

    Good luck with your project!

    Aayers Flooring
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  5. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    Yes, either solid or engineered hardwood is a better choice for you than PLASTIC flooring.

    Vinyl is plastic, in case you're confused about that. Google it.
  6. @KBang...your a hardwood user/lover through and through. You are the PERFECT candidate for hardwood. You know it, you love it, you understand it. Engineered will give you what you want with the look you want and the sound you want.

    Luxury Vinyl Planks will look 'fake' (to your eye because you have lived with wood long enough to "know better"), it will sound "fake" (not many of these LVPs allow much of a cushioned underlayment so you could be asking for an upsetting sound) and it will feel fake (the grain raise they put on the LVP to make them "slip resistant" can be much heavier than "real wood").

    You want ease of maintenance with the vinyl, but everything else is screaming out "No! Don't do it!". If you can find an engineered hardwood in the look that you like, you should be just fine. If you already "worry" about LVP, then you will probably find it isn't the floor for you. You're well trained for hardwood. Might as well go with what you know (and love).

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