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  1. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    I cannot decide between Mohawk Solidtech, Tarkett Progen or Karndean DaVinci. Which is the most scratch resistant and will hold up the best?
  2. You're not quite comparing apples to apples to apples. You have two apples and an orange. ;)

    The Mohawk, and Tarkett products are the apples - they are the newer generation of Luxury Vinyl called rigid core or WPC (Water Proof Core). These floors are designed to combine the best attributes of a Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank (Water resistance, realistic look and feel) with the best qualities of a Laminate floor (rigid core which helps overcome the thermal expansion and contraction issues and makes for a more installer friendly product). The Karndean product is a traditional (read older generation) luxury vinyl plank or tile.

    So, which is best? Well your honestly splitting hairs between the Mohawk and Tarkett products. Some people drive Fords some people drive Chevy's It really comes down to the look you like and price at that point.

    The other factor that should come into play here is what are you doing with this floor. What areas of the house are you putting it in? What type of traffic? How much direct sunlight is in the areas you're planning to put it into? In the case of the Karndean product are you opposed to a glued down installation vs. a floating installation? Kids and pets? What are your expectations for the floor? What types of floors are you replacing and what was your experience with those floors? That will help us give you some guidance with which product type might work better for you.
  3. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    We are putting it in our kitchen and laundry room and entry area from the garage. I originally wanted a glue down floor but the click floors look more realistic. I'm not familiar with the click floors so I just want to make sure the Tarkett or Mohawk click floors would be as durable as the glue down Karndean. Are the Mohawk and Tarkett going to have the exact same durability/scratch resistance/ waterproof rating? I do have a set of bay windows in the kitchen where the floor will get direct sunlight but I have blinds on those windows. I have 2 teenage sons and 2 grandkids that frequently drag toys across the floor. I would want it to hold up for at least 10-15 years. Thanks
  4. All 3 of the products you've picked are made and supported by industry leading manufacturers. I think, given your information, if installed correctly that any of the 3 products will give you the 10-15 years of service that you're looking for.

    The Karndean product is not a "WPC" so it would not be waterproof. Since you're in a kitchen and laundry that have the potential for large water spills, the Mohawk and Tarkett options would make more sense in my mind. The rigid core construction of those two products should not create a concern with the direct sunlight. Had you wanted to use a floating version of the Karndean product the sunlight might have been an issue, which is why I asked.

    Keep in mind that while resilient products are extremely durable and scratch RESISTANT, they are not scratch proof. Even concrete will scratch from improper use and lack of care. I currently have an older laminate flooring in my own home that my kids have grown up on. I'm a pretty big guy and I have had my desk chair in my home office on that floor for several years. While I won't say it has absolutely no scratches, it certainly doesn't look worn or ready for replacement.

    Keep in mind that color plays a big choice in whether you see things such as minor abrasions, scuffs, etc. - basically the stuff that happens from life :) - Very light and very dark colors will show much more than a neutral earth tone. Dark colors will tend to show "scratch whitening" very badly. Light colors will tend to show dirt, grit and debris as well as heel marks. So finding a happy medium in the color choice will help minimize what you're eye picks up.

    Again, I think that you have 3 good options. I personally would lean towards the 2 WPC products solely based upon where you're planning on putting them. In my opinion there is little to no difference between the two products from a performance / specification standpoint.

    I wish you well with your project and hope you get many years of enjoyment out of your new floor!
  5. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    I really liked this product called Lux Haus made by Beaulieu in Sesame color but wasn't able to find much information on this product. Can you let me know your opinion? Is it comparable to the Mohawk and Tarkett? Here is the link to the product. I appreciate your insight! Sesame - Beaulieu America
  6. Hi Hughley, I'm not overly familiar with the product as they (Beaulieu) don't have a significant following in my market that I'm aware of. However, looking at the specifications it is a comparable product to the other WPC's the OP listed from Mohawk and Tarkett.

    I'd give it the quarter test to make sure the wearlayer seems durable and as long as it passes, I don't see anything concerning. They've got a very good written warranty on their site that covers not only manufacturing defect but wear, stain, and fade so they're obviously confident of their wearlayer performing as advertised.

    In case you've not heard of it - the quarter test is to take a quarter and rub the rough edges over a sample of the floor. A good durable wearlayer should not be effected by this. In fact it should actually slightly wear down the rough edge of the quarter. It may leave some residual behind which is the metal from the quarter. This residual should be able to be rubbed off with your thumb or finger.

    This test is a pretty good indicator of how easily the floor will scratch and wear over time. An enhanced urethane wearlayer with an additive such as quartzite, ceramic bead, or aluminum oxide should easily smooth the edges of the quarter. A lesser wearlayer that's is strictly urethane will usually show slight scratching.
  7. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    What about underlayment? Do I need it to reduce noice when walking on it? Are these types of floors noisy like laminate?
  8. This product has an attached cork cushion for sound deadening. No further padding would be needed or for that matter recommended. Adding an additional pad could cause the product to move up and down when walked on and eventually lead to the flooring coming unlocked or breaking the locking mechanism.

    No. That's one of the big reasons they've taken off so well.
  9. Hughley

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    Tarkett and Mohawk do not have a cork backing. Does that mean I would use an underlayment with those products?
  10. Mohawk recommends the use of their ActiveSound underlayment for their product and Tarkett recommends the use of their ProSheet Plus 3. These are merely recommendations but I would not install either without the recommended underlayment pad. You will hear "floor slap" if you try this without the pad, I can guarantee it.
  11. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    What’s the difference between Tarkett’s ProSheet Plus 3 and their Quiet Cor underlayment?
  12. They are similar products, but the Quiet Cor product is generally used more for commercial applications and is denser. Either would be acceptable for use in your application.
  13. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    The flooring company I am working with said they use Floor Muffler under the Progen products they install. Is this a good product or should I request ProSheet Plus 3 or Quiet Cor intead? I just want them to use the best product available. Thanks
  14. Just make sure that it's the product that is made for LVT. Floor Muffler makes products for use under laminate as well as LVT and the density of the product is important. They've been around a long time and make a good product.
  15. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    The flooring place that has Mohawk SolidTech doesn’t use any underlayment under that product. Is it better with or without? Will this cause a clicking sound when walking on it without an underlayment?

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