Need allen + roth Burnished Autumn Maple Laminate Flooring

Discussion in 'Looking For a Flooring Professional or Product' started by Sandy Cook, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Sandy Cook

    Sandy Cook New Member

    allen + roth® Burnished Autumn Maple Laminate flooring (Model # 367622-00209) has been discontinued. Can't finish project. If anyone has any, ease let me know!
    Thanks, Sandy
  2. Summer Mc

    Summer Mc New Member

    I have 26 boxes left from my project. Where are you located? I’m in MI
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  3. Sandy Cook

    Sandy Cook New Member

    Do you still have this wood? Where in MI are you located? Can you send me picture?
    Sandy Cook
  4. Sandy Cook

    Sandy Cook New Member

    Do you still have this wood available? We are in South Carolina and still need it. Where are you located in Michigan?
  5. Leona Rigo

    Leona Rigo Property Mgr.

    We are also looking for this Ohio...and need about 12 boxes (do you know the square footage per box?). If you're a few hours's worth the trip. Thanks, Leona
    I could also bring it all a little closer to the Carolinas for Sandy...
  6. Sandy Cook

    Sandy Cook New Member

    That would be great. We actually need about 28 boxes. Uuugghhh. I’m furious they discontinued!

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