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Discussion in 'Help Selecting the Best Floor Covering' started by Redrebecca, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Redrebecca

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    Hi there! What a great forum! I am planning to purchase some luxury vinyl flooring to replace a Bruce click & lock vinyl that I purchased 7 years ago. What a big mistake purchasing the Bruce product was. I live in a first floor condominium that has been plagued with water leaks. The Bruce product is beautiful, I'll say that, but NOT PRACTICAL! I am looking to replace all of it throughout my condo (kitchen too, no bath.) What I get has to be waterproof.

    The problem with the Bruce product is that it is a floating floor and water would get in between the subfloor (I guess that's what you would call the concrete slab it is on,) and the Bruce planks. Water would come up through the cracks in the planks and there would be buckling, bubbling, warping, you name it. I am sick of it!!!

    That brings me to the luxury vinyl product line. Gosh, there's lot's of stuff out there!! As stated earlier I am on a concrete slab, and it is uneven in places. I want something that really looks good and will last. I like a glossier look but realize that may not be possible with luxury vinyl. Suggestions anyone?
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  2. kylenelson

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    Sounds like you need tile
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    I tried to “convince” a cheap person to Demo Travertine diy project in condotel, wife’s relative and go with gluedown vinyl. I gave my reason but some people are ignorant. Well actually there’s more than some. So anyway they floated vinyl first then put cabinets everything over this floor. It’s oceanfront, 4th Floor, water intrusion issues well water will find a way. Also the balconies into maybe 3 or 4 ft into the unit will be removed due to salt corrosion. so guess what needs to occur to that floor. I’ll be putting in porcelain plank when that occurs. It’s called timed planning.

    I’ve noted this issue before, I don’t agree with floating floors due to water/mold.

    So also you may have gone over other flooring to “save” money. And that should be removed entirely to the porous slab.

    It should look like this prior to applying adhesive or thinset. As long as I’m not removing it next time, I prefer bondbreakers to make my job easier.

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  4. Elmer Fudd

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    I believe what you are saying is NOT that the Bruce is a bad floor, it is that it is in the WRONG application. NO floor, yes NONE will perform with water underneath it! Place blame where it belongs, on the environment NOT the product.
    Until you cure the underlying issue of water NO floor will look good. As to the "waterproof flooring" hype, trust me it is all marketing. ALL floors will react to liquid water underneath them, some more than others.
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