Need advice for removal of banister and balusters

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  1. Texas Mac

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    I need some professional advice and possibly someone in the Austin area. We would like to put full wood raisers/treads on the stairs and in order to do that we need to take off the wood pieces that are there up the stairs and around the balcony.

    In order to do the above, we need to remove the banister and the balusters. We are concerned that we will ruin the banister if we try to take it off. Are you able to look at the attached pics and provide your thoughts.

    Thank you in advance!

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  2. kwfloors

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    Hard to say. Might just need to take the hand rail off to see how things are attached. The top is just in a hole it looks like, bottom could be a dowel or in a hole. They might have installed the bottoms when they put the board on that tread.

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