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Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by unc1993, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. unc1993

    unc1993 Member

    Hi - I am desperate need of carpet for my entire house (~1500 sf) including 1 flight of stairs - I would like to stick with solution-dyed bcf nylon but nothing too soft. I don't want to have to worry about what vacuum I'm using. I'm looking for a textured saxony, low to medium pile. I have one dog and 2 cats.

    The stores around me seem to focus heavily on Shaw so that's mainly what I've seen. I am interested in the Shawmark line (AG Pride & Joy II) and the Life Happens line (Always Active). I am also interested in how these compare to the Shaw Color Wall line (Textured Platinum) and the Shaw Soft Shades line (My Choice III). The Textured Platinum from the Color Wall and AG Pride & Joy II from Shawmark seem to be identical....

    I would love to hear opinions on these Shaw lines and recommendations for other comparable lines I should consider. I actually would prefer a Stainmaster fiber but there are so many different ones that I don't know where to begin.

  2. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Trying to see actual samples is difficult from afar. Maybe you can show an installer your selection and ask their opinion on integrity. I judge carpet by its backing as well as its surface fiber. Nylon is the best synthetic.
  3. unc1993

    unc1993 Member

    Shaw Life Happens/ANSO Living not solution dyed?

    I am intrigued by this product but is it a concern that the ANSO nylon is not solution dyed? I have been trying to decide between the Shaw Life Happens (which uses the ANSO crust-resistant nylon; ANSO Living just uses ANSO nylon) and the Stainmaster Pet Protect product from Dixie Home or Phenix which is solution dyed.
  4. unc1993

    unc1993 Member

    Stainmaster Solution Dyed vs Stainmaster Non Solution Dyed vs ANSO Nylon


    I am looking to replace carpet in my entire house - living room, dining room, family room, office, stairs, hallway, and 3 bedrooms.

    I am looking for a durable carpet that is easy to clean, won't mat down, and doesn't require a special vacuum.

    I have decided to focus on a textured nylon due to its historical performance even though I feel I need to defend my choice at every store where they are pushing Smartstrand.

    So far I like ShawMark (Pride and Joy II) for its use of the ANSO Crush Resister nylon. Shaw's Life Happens line (Always Active/In the Spotlight) also uses the ANSO Crush Resister nylon and has a water proof back which is intriguing. But neither of these nylons are solution dyed. Is this a concern?

    So then I've been looking at the Stainmaster Pet Protect Line: Hearts Content from Dixie Home, Urban Oasis or City Park from Phenix, or Murphy or Sasha from Tuftex of CA. Are these a better choice than the non solution dyed ANSO nylons?

    I'm confused because the Stainmaster Active Family line with their Luxurell and Tactisse nylons also seem to be high quality but are not solution dyed. I've looked at Masland (Beacon Hill and Americana) and Fabrica (Denali) which seem to be very nice carpets. But then the Stainmaster Essentials line is a value brand but the nylon IS solution dyed. I understand the Essentials line is a lower quality due to the lower face weight, density, and twist but surprised that they use solution dyed nylon whereas they don't in the Active Family line.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on whether I'm on the right track and whether solution dyed is more important then crush resister nylon? Maybe I'm falling victim to the marketing hype. I know to ignore the warranties and am trying to find the face weight, density, and twist of each carpet I am considering.

  5. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Please stick to one topic about your project. It's okay to bump a topic after a day, if you haven't received the replies you hoped for. I merged 3 topics/posts into this one.
  6. unc1993

    unc1993 Member

    OK but I doubt I'll get any replies now. That heading wasn't generating replies and now I have additional questions that aren't reflected in the heading. Thanks anyway. I'll look elsewhere for answers.
  7. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I think you are wrong. I think you are just impatient. There is more than 1 "heading" on this page, each one unique and highly indexable by search engines. Many of our pros read all the posts on TFP, some of the best read carpet discussions with great interest.

    TFP has more actual flooring professionals helping consumers and each other than any other forum of this type. Our pros have a combine experience totaling thousands of years. Unfortunately, most of them continue to work in the industry and do not spend 24/7 online, jumping on every discussion that gets posted here immediately.

    You might find answers elsewhere, but will they be from true experts with no expectation of making a sale from you? No matter, it's okay if you abandon this discussion. Our pros won't and it will continue to help other consumers for many years to come.
  8. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Well unc1993 I would say that you are looking at some top end carpets and Mills. I've been an installer for about 50 years and to me I wouldn't have anything but nylon, well maybe wool. I see you are looking at some that maybe pet proof but you don't mention anything about pets unless I missed it. Do you have pets, it could factor into what is recommended.
    Tactisse is a very soft fiber even though it is a nylon. Todays rage is soft fibers the kind you want to go barefoot in that type of thing.
    Solution dyed, I see you are really into that, why? There are other systems out there. Solution dyed means the nylon or whatever is still in its liquid state and hasn't been extruded yet. There is less chance of fading or crocking. But that is again something I wouldn't worry to much about.
    Why are the retailers pushing the other products? Because that is what they are force fed. Most everything is a form of poly in one form or another.
    Masland and Fabrica and the others are very high end mills, only the best but again you pay for it. But again you get what you pay.
    Sorry I can't tell you much about the styles you have picked out as I'm kind of out of the loop being semi retired. But again you are dealing with the best.


  9. unc1993

    unc1993 Member

    Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it and I'm sorry for being impatient. It's so frustrating going from store to store and not being able to get answers. I seem to know more than the salespeople. I asked to see Stainmaster Pet Protect and was shown a P.E.T. display!

    Yes, I currently have a large dog and 2 cats and although they are housebroken, occasionally they get sick and unfortunately, as they age accidents are usually inevitable. I'm not willing to get rid of my animals and I don't want hard flooring throughout the house so I'm looking for a durable, cleanable carpet.

    Thanks again.
  10. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Sorry that you are not getting the answers you are looking for!!
    Most of us on this board and also in stores are realists..........we know and understand that what you are looking for does not exist!! Our problem is how do we convey that to you without offending you. So if we do it kindly and gently you don't get it and feel you know more than the salesperson.

    Why you are being shown P.E.T. products is that they are presently the ones with the best cleanability from animal accidents.
    The products you are looking at are all (for the most part) made by reputable manufacturers. Choose one you like and know or understand that with animals it is due for replacement in 5-7 years. Sorry but that is just the way we have seen it go (no I do not believe the advertising hype) too many times to tell it any different.

    I happen to work for a manufacturer and one of the hardest parts of my job is to get folks to understand that animal accidents (dodo,urine, vomit) can and WILL destroy flooring. Consumers all say I clean it as soon as i see it, but cannot tell me if it was 10 minutes or 8 hours that it laid on and in the flooring.
    Do I feel for consumers who have pets that they love...absolutely...I have animals myself (outdoors) and understand your feelings. But I also face reality every day, so, it can be hard flooring for cleanability or soft flooring and replacement much oftener. It is your choice.

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