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    Can't afford to make a mistake on my choice of LVP. Love the look, feel and statistics of Provenza Maxcore...also looking at Mohawk SolidTech, but don't see much info on quality and real world experience of either online. Really would appreciate forum experts opinions on both of these products. Thinking about whole house use including kitchen and bathrooms. Thank you in advance.
  2. The problem you'll face is that both of these products are in a newer generation of LVP called WPC or rigid core luxury vinyl plank or tile. Most of these products have been on the market less than two years as the technology and manufacturing just didn't exist prior to that. Unless there is someone I'm unaware of, all of this generation of product is being made in Asia, primarily China. That's not to throw a dark shadow on either product, just simply an explanation of the evolution of the product category. Many manufacturers find it's cheaper to initially R&D and develop products there first before making the capital investment to onshore manufacturing here in the states.

    At best you may find someone who's done a few jobs with these products and can add some insight into their experience, but you won't find anyone with a long standing track record that would speak to the longevity of the product.

    I wish you success with your choice and hope your projects exceeds your expectations!
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