Mohawk Smart Strand vs Stainmaster Pet Protect

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by LKS, May 7, 2014.

  1. LKS

    LKS New Member

    My husband and I are replacing the carpet in the house we are moving into.

    We are looking at the Mohawk Lasting Elegance, Smart Strand carpet and also the Stainmaster Pet Protect. Both in the Frieze "weave". We like both but were interested in seeing if anyone has opinions on them

  2. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    what is the style name of the pet protect stainmaster?
  3. Kal

    Kal Pro Member

    Smart Strand vs Pet protect

    They are both interesting looking products from a fiber sense. I'm assuming you have pets and may also have a lot of traffic and so wear and tear is a factor.

    I find that being pet proof for a carpet is still a concern but if you're vigilant on keeping up with the critters what seems to be the benefit with them both (smartie strand & critter protect) is that they will resist staining which is a major problem with the uric acid in the pet urine, it tends to discolor or yellow the carpet fibers. Whereas with the new technology they both seem to inhibit such results on your beautiful carpets.

    The smartstrand seems to be the performer from a wear and tear perspective. Did you see the The SmartStrand Challenge?

    It is a great marketing program for sure, and interesting to watch.

    Construction of the fiber is important also. The more twists in each fiber, the better. You seem to be on the right track. The only thing about frieze's is that they tend not to be as dense and focus a bit more on luxury and feel.

    So make sure you look at the labeling and watch for the information that it gives regarding high traffic, low traffic and perhaps the weight vs the height of the pile etc.

    I've always been fond of durability and put more weight (emphasis) on the high density chip foam underpadding (foam with the hard chips of plastic to keep the foam stable). I find the underpad lasts a lot longer and doesn't flatten out in the high traffic areas.

  4. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    Mohawk Smartstrand made by Dupont holds up if wear and tear is a factor vs Nylon?

    It's plastic polymer , go rub your hands on it and feel how oily your palm is. Do you have kids crawling on the floor? Doesn't seem too "green"
    It hasn't been out barely a decade also so crowning it wear king is downright frightening.
    Dupont is one of three GMO food chemical companies the US protects, they make the fiber for mohawk, it jacks up our food costs and potentially poisons us slowly.

    Stainmaster (innovated by dupont but sold 10 yrs ago) is a type 6.6 nylon.
    Nylon makes the seat belts to save your life. Higher melting point = better wear.

    Pet Protect is newer because they are using a solution dyed method where it's colorfast and more cleanable (a previous advantage with sorona smartstrand) because it won't discolor easy with stronger cleaning agents, fading , cleaning.
    One weak point is no colors like red, mauves and blues. However if you want beiges, taupes , grays browns and creams there is plenty to have.They are most likely working on the difficult dyeing methods for broader colors as we speak.
    Also their advanced teflon does keep pet hair from sticking like velcro, a weak point to the PET and PTT products.
    You must use a padding with a spill barrier to be beneficial if you want it for pet benefits so the urine or throw up doesn't absorb into the padding ,making it impossible to rid of stains and odors.

    It's not "pet proof" but a helpful "protection" choice ....with a dog or cat in a house and you want the luxury of american broadloom, it's the best thing that one could do.

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