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Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Greenthumbs, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Greenthumbs

    Greenthumbs New Member

    Our local flooring "expert" has recommended Mohawk's Personal Reserve III (sounds like a rare wine to me) carpet for our master bedroom and 3 other bedrooms. 2 of those three bedrooms will be used as offices for me and my husband. The other will be a guest room, which will be frequented more by our cat than our adult kids. I was told this line of carpeting is the "best in the industry" as far as durability, stain-resistance, and it would be installed using the Smartcushion pad that Mohawk manufactures. I've tried to find the specs on this line of carpet so that I can compare it with other lines and companies but since it is a limited line, I can't even find reviews for it, other than what the Mohawk company posts. Am I being steered into a ditch by the flooring guy or is this carpeting really going to wear well, resist stains, and stay soft AND resilient? I know about the legalese in warranties and know that any carpet designed to last 20-25 years will probably be replaced beforehand because of style. Help!
  2. Z-Carpet

    Z-Carpet Pro Member

    looks like its a nylon fiber, probably treated to be stain resistant.

    that padding is really good
  3. Carpetreasercher

    Carpetreasercher New Member

    Personal reserve 111
    AKA Mohawk Aladdin collection 111
    AKA Mohawk Relaxed Moment 111
    AKA Private Collection 111
    AKA (Other names) 111
    AKA Soft Spring Lush 11 (big Box Home store)

    I am looking at the same carpet.
    I have done a ton of research.
    Fiber is Mohawk wear dated embrace. (Easy to research)
    This is a soft nylon (more thin fibers per strand so it feels soft) with Scotchgard.
    It was released in 2012.
    Twist is 6.5
    Face weight is 58
    height is .656
    So... density is 3183

    Mohawk has videos about the durability etc. It carries their best warranty, and is claimed by Mohawk to provide excellent durability in all traffic levels. Tested by Mohawk at 30,000 footprints...some other carpets by Mohawk tested at 60,000.

    Many threads here about wear dated embrace.
    Some complaints about inability to move the vacuum through soft carpets. Especially Dysons. The general consensus seems to be if you use a vacuum with adjustable height on soft carpets, it is OK.

    Overall this seems to be a very good carpet choice.
    Nylon is resilient (but the soft type perhaps slightly less so).
    It is treated with Scotchgard so somewhat stain resistant (perhaps less resistant over time than Smartstrand/triexta/Sorona).

    Mohawk produces higher density wear dated embrace carpet than this line, but perhaps it is a bit of overkill. Nearly every carpet retailer carries this line. Many under other names, but the face weight, twist, height, fiber and colors are identical. Usually they will offer 3 face weights (38,48, and 58). And the name will usually reflect the weight i.e. 1=38, 11=48, 111=58. The exception is a big box store that only carries 38 and 58 oz and so they call it Soft Spring Lush 1 and 11. So Lush 11=Personal reserve 111.
    Hope this helped.
  4. Carpetreasercher

    Carpetreasercher New Member

    Question for you pros out there...
    I believe the formula for density is:

    36 x face weight divided by height.

    So if a line of carpet has three face weight options and has the same fiber, backing, twist etc. would the heavier face weight be more durable even if the density is identical?

    If I am calculating correctly in this line... the density of Private collection 11 (face weight 48, height .531 = 3254) is actually higher than Private collection 111 (face weight 58, height .656 = 3183).
    My guess is they actually have identical density and the face weight is rounded.

    6 of the 7 carpet stores I visited tried to say the heaviest face weight carpet (most expensive) would be more durable than the medium weight, even though the density was almost identical. Only the "big box store" salesman said they would probably wear about the same. He was also more knowledgeable about all other aspects of the carpet and installation, having been an installer for 8 years. I know this is not typical.
  5. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    He may have listened in his training classes or like you came from a carpet background.
    Being an installer for 50 years I never heard of the formula you posted for density. I'm learning something new everyday. Keep up the good work and enjoy your posts. I like learning and like passing it on.


  6. Carpetreasercher

    Carpetreasercher New Member

    His dad is a mom and pop carpet store owner.

    Face weight calculation can be off up to 7% and still meet the federal governments standard for accuracy.

    I dealt with a very well respected carpet shop everyday for 15 years (a decade ago). They told me at that time that density is far more important than face weight when determining durability/crush. Of course twist, fiber make up and thickness along with the style of carpet are very important as well.

    The density calculation takes into account the height of the carpet which face weight does not.

  7. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Linking to something on your (or your mom's) computer doesn't work. You can use the attachment upload system for that though.
  8. Z-Carpet

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    do you work for shaw .. LOL jking.

    what do you mean......? are you talking in riddles
  9. mbenn

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    I had a job that I sold some Personal Reserve. There was a flaw in the carpet and they sent someone out to look at it. He asked the homeowner if they kicked the carpet in and she said yes, therefore they wouldn't do anything. I was also the installer and have never kicked a carpet in in my life. 31 years of installs. Rather disappointed in mohawk, I won't sell it anymore. My sister is a Mohawk One dealer and said she has five carpets from mohawk she needs to send back. I'm sure they will get it fixed but I personally would stay away from them.

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  10. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Yeah, as I PMed mbenn, we don't allow drive-bys like that. This ain't Chicago. I deleted those 2 posts and my reply asking for more details. I told mbenn he/she could try again, only with more details. It's okay to criticize a product, but not without some supporting information.

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