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Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Kris V, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Kris V

    Kris V New Member

    I have been trying to find information on Mathews & Parlo Style SPR 619 Color 221. Long story short, a discount carpet place has it in stock. When I try to google "SPR619 style or 221 Color" nothing comes back on it at all. Only thing that really seems to come back is stay away from M&P.

    We are being told its a Nylon carpet but cant back that up except word of mouth from salesman.

    We really like the look and feel of the carpet. It has a felt back but the glue pattern on the back isn't smaller/tighter. Its your standard square look. Looking for some advice on this carpet. Money isn't an object we just want the best overall "wear pattern" resistant carpet.
  2. Commercial Floor Rep

    Commercial Floor Rep I Support TFP Published

    We used to carry some of their products a few years back. At that time everything we handled from them was a polyolefin fiber. I wasn't involved with them too much as they are primarily residentially oriented, but from what I remember they are more of a brokerage firm or wholesaler who has their product made for them by somebody else. A lot of times dealers or distributors who take on their line "Private label" it so you don't usually see the Mathews & Parlo brand name used a lot at retail. It was a "budget" type product from what I remember and their program was geared toward having dealers stock the product for cash & carry sales. The dealers who bought it from us primarily did so because we stocked it and they could get cuts cheap for quick turn customers who needed something right away and cheap.

    Now it's been a while 5-6 years since we've been involved with them so they could have changed a lot in that time, but that's my experience with them.
  3. Kris V

    Kris V New Member

    Thank you for the information. I've been told that Mathews & Parlo also buy discontinued lines/colors from shaw to the extent of say 100 rolls at a wholesale price and the savings is passed on. Carpet sure is a crazy business!
  4. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Keep in mind that some of the discontinued carpet is that way because of some issue or another. I'm doing a job right now that we have replaced with the same carpet 3 times and had the same problem every time. We got them to switch brands for this time.
  5. floorfortress

    floorfortress Pro Member

    M & p

    We buy from M & P and have always found them to take care of any issues that come up. Just be sure to get any warranty in writing. Don't assume anything.

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